Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken Flavour


Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken Flavour is a deliciously nutritious savoury chicken wet meal in a can. It’s made with real chicken and other high-quality ingredients to give your adult dog a taste experience that he will love, which is super healthy too! This can of goodness contains high-quality protein for lean muscles, clinically proven antioxidants for lifelong health, and omega-6s and vitamins for perfectly beautiful skin and coat.

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Why Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken Flavour?

Adult dogs have ongoing nutritional needs to support their active lifestyles and a healthy ageing process, while ensuring their vital organs, joints, eyes, skin and coat are being fed optimally to give them a long and healthy life. You will find this scrumptious nutrition in Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food, which contains a comprehensive list of healthy and high-quality ingredients, clinically proven antioxidants and a range of essential minerals

Which breeds will benefit most from this food?

Any size or breed of adult dog will get well-rounded nutritional support with Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken Flavour. This healthy and wholesome canned meal is perfect for adult dogs between the ages of one and six years old who will thrive on the delicious smooth minced chicken with added DHA from fish oil and immunity-boosting antioxidants. Treat your adult furry friend to a superior canned meal either on its own or mixed in with his size-specific Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Dog Food.

What are the nutrients in Hill’s Science Plan Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken Flavour?

Hill’s makes its complete pet foods with the exact balance of 50 nutrients to meet the specific needs of your dog, based on their life stage, lifestyle, size or special needs.

  • High-quality proteins (real chicken) to support lean muscles
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for shiny coat and strong immunity
  • Balanced set of minerals to promote kidney and heart health
  • Superior antioxidant formula to support the immune system
  • Nutritious, flavourful and easy to digest

Check the ingredients tab for the complete list of ingredients in this Hill’s Science Plan food.

Ask your vet about

  • recommended daily feeding amounts
  • recommended feeding intervals
  • recommended nutritional supplements for your dog’s specific condition
  • recommended age at which to introduce your adult dog to mature adult food

Additional information

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Hill's Science Plan

Breed Size

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Life Stage






Feeding Guideline

Body Weight kg Cans 370 g Dry grams
2.5 1/2 + 10
5 1/2 + 50
7.5 1 + 35
10 1 + 70
20 1 + 185
30 2 + 185
40 2 + 280
50 2 + 365
60 + 2 + 8 per kg

Feeding Guide

Body Weight (kg) Cans 370 g
2.5 2/3
5 1
7.5 1 1/4
10 1 2/3
20 2 3/4
30 4
40 4 3/4
50 5 3/4
60 + 1 per 10 kg


INGREDIENTS: Chicken, pork liver, maize, barley, beef, soybean meal, whey powder, digest, vegetable oil, minerals.

Average Nutrient & Caloric Content

372.0 kcal/can
Nutrient Dry Matter1
Protein 26.0
Fat 18.2
Crude Fiber 1.7
Carbohydrate / NFE 49.1
Calcium 0.77
Sodium 0.31
Potassium 0.78
Magnesium 0.138
Taurine 0.04
L-carnitine 24.3 ppm
Vitamin C 104 ppm
Vitamin E 518 IU/kg
DHA 0.007
Omega-3-fatty acids 0.46
Omega-6-fatty acids 5.35
Chondroitin Sulphate 1037 ppm
Glucosamine 1343 ppm
Beta-carotene 3.03 ppm
Vitamin A 56636 IU/kg
Vitamin D 1522 IU/kg


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