Habitrail Playground Hamster Cage

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The perfect starter kit to welcome a mouse or a dwarf hamster home. The Habitrail Playground is a happy and stressful home.

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The Habitrail Playground is the ideal environment to home your dwarf hamster or mouse.  

The Playground comes with a flywheel, to give your hamster the much-needed exercise, the Mush-room so your hamster can be snug when sleep takes over and the Mushroom oasis for his sustenance.


The cage has a solid plastic base with rounded corners, so your hamster can not chew the corners and the clear litter shield helps prevent messes when he is digging his way to Timbuktu or burrowing for comfort.


The front door gives you easy access to your little ones feeding dish.  It also has a sliding lock to ensure your pet is safely secured in his home. The wide side panels are designed to prevent baby mice and hamsters from escaping.


The Habitrail Playground is designed to expand as required and can be used will all other Habitrail components

Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 28 × 13 cm



Hamster, Mice



  • FlyWheel – for the all-important exercise
  • Mushroom Oasis – a food dish
  • Water bottle – keeping them well hydrated
  • A tunnel leading to a loft
  • Has a solid plastic base with rounded corners to prevent your hamster or mouse from chewing
  • The litter shield minimizes mess
  • Cage is designed to expand as required
  • Can be used with all Habitrail components
  • Suitable for mice and dwarf hamsters.
  • Colour – red and blue


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