Habitrail OVO Pad


An all-in-one box that makes a great starter home for your hamster, or it can be added to our existing OVO.

What is AutoShip

In the wild hamsters live in a vast network of small underground chambers connected by tunnels. Habitrail OVO has carefully recreated a hamster’s real-life living conditions.

The Habitrail OVO Pad is a convenient all-in-one box, which makes a great starter home for your hamster or it can be added on to your existing OVO. 

The Pad consists of: Cage with opaque white, bottom, orange retractable roof, opaque orange wheel, stairs, a feeding bowl, a turquoise water bottle with two windows, 1x lock connector.

Additional information

Weight1.85 kg
Shipping dimensions17 × 35 × 35 cm





Volumetric weight4.17 kg

Features / Benefits

  • Clear plastic retractable roof – allows easy front/back access to pet and food dish
  • Windows – allows you to block off pathways while maintaining maximum air circulation with vet holes, located in the perimeter of each window.]
  • Deep Base design – contain shaving inside the cage, no  messy corners to clean
  • Easy to Clean – by turning the side latch 90 degrees the hood can be retracted and removed, then wheel assembly is easily removed leaving only the base to clean
  • Door lock – snaps shut to ensure the safety of your pet.

Cleaning and Care

On a weekly basis clean the cage thoroughly with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry completely. Do not use abrasive cleaners or detergents on any part of the cage as these will damage the finish and may be harmful to your pet. Maintenance can be easily done by retracting the roof and unlocking the side latches. The food dish is located on the top part of the wheel support assembly; it can be easily removed for refilling and cleaning by opening the rear hood. The wheel support assembly can be easily removed by squeezing the sides.


It is important to check your cage on a regular basis, if you see signs that your hamster is chewing on any parts, they must be replaced immediately. Areas to watch for are; inside latches, windows and water bottle support. These are the common areas where a hamster may chew so tougher material has been used for these. It is important to offer your hamster some interacting cardboard mazes, your hamster will then chew the board and not the cage.


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