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FRONTLINE® is one of the most popular veterinary products produced by Merial, a multinational health company. Merial was acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim – the largest private pharmaceutical company in the world – in 2017.

FRONTLINE® is the tick and flea control brand that has become synonymous with keeping dogs and cats free from external parasites. FRONTLINE® Plus harnesses the power of fipronil and (S)-methoprene – the active ingredients that target adult fleas and ticks, and flea eggs and larvae, respectively. With one application, dogs and cats will be protected all month long. What sets FRONTLINE® Plus apart from other topical tick and flea treatments is that it attacks the life cycle of parasites and, when applied correctly and consistently, will prevent tick and flea infestations on dogs and cats as well as in their home environments.

FRONTLINE® Plus works by depositing the liquid formula on the dog or cat’s coat, where the active ingredients are then stored in the oil glands of the skin to offer ongoing protection against ticks and fleas for the whole month.