Francodex Shampoo Anti-itching


Give your dog relief by using Francodex Shampoo Anti-itching for your dog’s itchy skin. This product can be used regularly and does not affect dogs with sensitive skin. Don’t wait any longer to bring your dog comfort while taking a bath, make bath time relief time. Because we know you care.

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Francodex Shampoo Anti-itching results in comfort and relief of itching, but still keeps your dog’s skin hydrated and healthy. It helps delay odour smells and permanently neutralises any revolting odours. It keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy and itch-free, so don’t wait any longer, Francodex Shampoo Anti-itching is going to be the relief your dog needs for itchy skin.

Francodex Shampoo Anti-itching is available in a 250 ml bottle.

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  • Shake before use.
  • Thoroughly wet the animal with lukewarm water, apply a small amount of shampoo and massage it into the coat and skin to distribute the foam evenly.
  • Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat the operation and dry.


Gentle cleansing base – Liquorice and Fucus vesiculosus extracts – Chitosan – Anti-odour complex.

Contains ethoxylated alcohol, C12-C14; sulphates, sodium salts; 1 – Propanaminium, 3 – amino – N – (carboxymethyl) – N,N – dimethyl -, N-coco acyl derivs., hydroxides, inner salts; 3-((C12-18)-acylamino)-N-(2-((2-hydroxyethyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-N,N-dimethyl- 1-propanaminium chloride.


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