Francodex Odour Destroyer


Nobody likes a stinky house or backyard. Francodex Odour Destroyer was made to destroy all those bad, smelly odours your pet leaves behind. Francodex Odour Destroyer will leave your home smelling odour-free and homey again, and your backyard just the way you like it when your flowers bloom!



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Francodex Odour Destroyer removes odours in the environments your cats or dogs like to be in and leave that unpleasant smell behind, whether it’s inside or outside. This product can be used in lots of places where those odours lay and wait for your nose to pick up, for example, you can spray Francodex Odour Destroyer in cars, litter boxes, carpets, bedding and cages, just to name a few.

Francodex Odour Destroyer was designed to break down those stinky, bad, yucky and disgusting odours and leave behind a gentle perfume smell, making your house smell like a home again. Destroy those odours with Francodex Odour Destroyer today. Don’t wait any longer for the perfect product, because you found it!


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How to Use

  • Select a surface and spray the Odour Destroyer, which can be sprayed indoors as a perfume or a deodorant.
  • Don’t wash it off from the selected surfaces you sprayed it on.
  • This product is for external use only – do not swallow.
  • Do not spray directly on the animal.
  • Do not inhale the aerosol.
  • Do not spray on any leather furniture and other fabrics than those mentioned.
  • Contains glyoxal. May cause an allergic reaction, then stop use at once.
  • Keep away from children.


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