Francodex Ear Cleanser


Our pets can get excess wax in their ears just like we do, and we would like to help them get rid of the irritation and pain. Francodex Ear Cleanser was designed to solve your pet’s problem. By using Francodex Ear Cleanser, you will give your dog or cat the ability to hear with comfort after cleaning out all the excess wax without irritating your pet’s ear.

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Is your pet suffering from ear pain? Help them by relieving the pain with Francodex Ear Cleanser. Cleans your pet’s ears with this Francodex product and have your pet as good as new in no time! Francodex Ear Cleanser will bring comfort and relief to your pet’s ears without irritation. Because you care!

Francodex Ear Cleanser is available in a 125 ml bottle.

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  • Before use, remove the cap and cut off the top of the tube.
  • Then warm the tube in the palm of your hand. The product is now ready for use.
  • Pull your pet’s ear up and slowly insert a few drops into the ear.
  • Massage the base of your pet’s ear for 1 minute to loosen the ear wax, so that it can be pushed out.
  • Remove the excess wax and waist.
  • Dry the inside of your pet’s ear with some cotton wool. Please never use cotton buds to clean your pet’s ear.
  • Repeat this treatment weekly.


60 ml is suitable for puppies and kittens.

125 ml is suitable for adult dogs and cats.


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