FIPROTEC® is a spot-on treatment for cats and dogs, made by Cipla Vet. Ascendis Animal Health is the parent company of Cipla Vet in South Africa.

Once applied, FIPROTEC® works within 24 hours and lasts for up to a month without reapplication, though following which, it should be reapplied on a monthly basis to break the lifecycle of ticks and fleas. FIPROTEC® is available as a spot-on topical treatment as well as a spray to kill ticks and fleas on contact. The spray can be used as a supplement to the spot-on treatment for serious infestations, or as a ‘top-up’ before the animal enters an area that is at high risk for parasitic pests.

The FIPROTEC® range consists of spot-on for cats up to 8kg, for dogs weighing less than 10kg, for dogs weighing 10kg – 20kg, for dogs weighing 20kg – 40kg, and for XL dogs weighing 40kg – 60kg. FIPROTEC® spray is used to treat fleas and ticks on dogs of all sizes.

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