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Finding the perfect dog treat for your pooch

All dogs deserve the occasional treat. Treats – especially those formulated for dogs – are designed to enhance dental health. They also provide motivation for your dog during training, and in encouraging good behaviour. Treats also benefit in strengthening the bond between you and your dog, as your dog feels good about pleasing you. And it’s a sure way to show love and affection to your dog.

How do I choose the perfect treat for my dog?

First of all, choose a treat that is specifically formulated for your dog. While it could be tempting to reward your dog with human food you might be causing more harm than good. Inform yourself with human foods that are suitable for dogs, or even better, follow the golden rule and treat your dog with something that was purposely made for them.

Dog treats are designed to please your dog’s palates without upsetting their tummies. Offer your dog a treat that is filled with added nutrients and vitamins, and that carry dental benefits. Make sure that your dog has a nutritionally balanced meal before you fill them up on treats. Keep treats for in between meal times and prevent them from overindulging by controlling the number of treats they consume. Most dogs will keep eating and accepting treats, so it’s our responsibility to keep them from gaining weight, in order to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. You can always split up treats into smaller pieces, which will make both you and your dog feel like you are giving them more treats that you actually are.

Consider your dog’s health

Knowing the condition of your dog’s health is a vital part of choosing the right treat. Take into consideration whether your dog has certain chronic conditions such as kidney, heart or liver disease. Take into account as to whether your dog has intolerances or allergies to any of the ingredients listed on the treats product information, and also, whether your dog may have dental problems. Always ask your vet for recommendations, should you be unsure.

A variety of treats

There is no lack in variety when choosing the perfect treat for your dog. These treats include:

  • Dog biscuits, these are dried kibble type treats that come in a variety of flavours and sizes.
  • Dental treats, these sometimes come in the shape of a toothbrush or even an alligator. These treats contain ingredients and textures that require more chewing and aids in cleaning your dog’s teeth.
  • Chewy treats such as jerky, which is typically made out of dried strips of beef, chicken or pork.
  • Natural treats, such as pig ears and dried vegetable leathers.
  • Rawhide, which is made from dried strips of animal hide, usually from cows, that have been pressed and bent into various shapes.
  • Hard pieces of bone, typically from cattle or ostriches.

Again, it is vital to consider your dog’s health condition in choosing the perfect treat. It is generally recommended that, when giving your dogs treats such as rawhide and bones, they should consume these under your supervision. Bones and rawhide can easily get stuck in your dog’s throat if not thoroughly chewed.

Remember that treats should not supplement too much of your dog’s daily food intake. Follow the 10% rule; treats should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

There are hundreds of delicious treats to be found on the and you will be sure to find the perfect treat for your pooch. Have a look, do a little bit of research and know that each one of these products is formulated to bring out the best in your dog. The benefits are endless and not only will your dog be a happier dog for it, but it will improve the crucial bond between you and them.