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Your pet’s paws are just as important as the rest of him! Keeping them in good condition is easy with the Ferplast Dog Nail Clipper.

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If your dog’s claws do not wear down naturally from walking, then it is time to cut; otherwise, it can cause infection.  Clipping your pet’s nails is easy once you know how.  Speak to your Vet; he/she will show you exactly what to do.

The Ferplast Nail cutter has a comfortable, non-slip handle so no worry about slipping or accidentally injuring your pet. It is made of premium stainless steel and has a trim safety guard to prevent over cutting of the nail, reducing the risk of injury or bleeding.





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  • Dog nail cutter
  • Complete with a safety system
  • Necessary to keep always perfect your friend’s paws
  • Two sizes available

How to clip your pet's nails

Get your pet used to you handling their paws at an early age.

Treat your pet after trimming their nails and give them a big hug and a “Good boy/girl.”

Before you do it the first time, speak to your Vet on how to trim your pet’s nails.

A dog’s nail has a “quick”, you can easily see it if your pet has clear nails, but if your dog has dark nails, it is difficult to see. The ‘quick” provides blood supply to the nail.  Avoid cutting into the “quick” as it bleeds a lot, and it is very painful.

  • Hold your pets foot steady, but gently
  • Snip off a small bit of the end of each toenail
    • Place a tiny bit of the nail in the nail clipper and snip
    • If it feels spongy – STOP IMMEDIATELY – you’re cutting into the ‘quick’
  • If the ‘quick’ has been cut, you will need styptic powder, to stop the bleeding. Have a damp cloth at hand to clean up the blood and the powder.
    • If you do not have styptic powder, corn starch (Mazena) will work, dip your pet’s claw into the corn starch, if bleeding does not stop, repeat. Do not wipe the nail clean.



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