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The parent company of F10® Products is Health and Hygiene (Pty) Ltd. and was established in South Africa in 1994. It is an SME pharmaceutical company that formulates, manufactures and markets disinfectants, antiseptics and veterinary medicines. F10 Products Ltd is the company’s UK subsidiary, which was established to expand the company’s footprint into the UK and European markets.

The F10® Products range was developed for hygiene and infection control and includes a topical treatments range. In South Africa F10® Products are primarily used in the animal production sector, but exotic and companion animal sectors also trust the efficacy of the F10® Products ranges. In South Africa, there are currently more than 755 veterinary practices that rely on the hygiene and infection control technology in F10® Products.

The F10® Products of specific interest to vets and pet owners include disinfectant liquids and sprays, germicidal barrier ointments, treatment shampoos, disinfectant wipes, antiseptic soaps, hand scrubs and hand lotion.