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Remember your furbabies life with a Biotree Urn. has created a product to pay respect to your furbaby and at the same time, giving back to the planet.

Biotree Urn

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Manufactured by: Biotree.Earth

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The Biotree Urn has been designed to pay respect to life while giving back to the planet. The Urn is a 100% biodegradable cremation urn which will turn your furbabies ashes into a beautiful tree once planted.

All you need to do is add water and plant one of the three tree species supplied with each urn.

The urn has a soil disc which contains a blend of nutrients to support a happy growth of a seed or sprout. When the tree has sprouted, add your furbabies ashes to the base of the urn and plant your Biotree Urn in a special place.

As your tree grows, the urn and your furbabies ashes return to nature, giving back to nature.


  • 100% natural plant fibres to shape a beautiful tribute urn

  • You select a tree species that best suits your needs.

  • You give your tree life by adding water and planting your chosen seed

  • Once your seed begins to sprout you add the ashes to the base of the urn and plant your Biotree urn.

  • As the transformation begins the urn and the ashes return to nature as the tree grows, giving back to nature.

  • Each Biotree urn produces an average of 117kg of oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide production by about 21kgs per year.

Biotree Species:


Common names: River indigo / showy indigo | rivierverfbos / pronkverfbos (Afrikaans) | umsipane (Xhosa) | umnukambida (Zulu) Size 1-4m

About: An attractive, evergreen, medium scrub or small tree, Indigofera Jucunda is a show stopper when in flower. With a multitude of clusters of small, pink and white flowers and soft form it brings a touch of femininity into the garden and deserves a spot of honour in gardens.

Germination: soak in hot tap water for 24hrs changing water 2>3 times in the 24hr period.

Care: Indigofera Jucunda prefers to be planted in full sun to semi shade areas of the garden, It is cold tolerant and suitable for small and medium gardens. The Indigofera Jucunda is fast growing and will flower within its first year.


Common names: September bells / Bells gardenia | Klokkies-valskatjiepiering (Afrikaans) | umGubhe (Xhosa) | umPhazane (Zulu) | Thudwane (Venda) Size: 4-7m

About: The Rothmannia Globosa is an exquisite small tree that grows fairly fast, it is especially beautiful when bearing masses of medium sweetly-scented, bell-shaped cream flowers in September. Its sweet scent fills a garden especially when it starts cooling down in the afternoon. It is perfectly suited for small gardens and attracts birds and butterflies.

Germination: Soak overnight in hot tap water.

Care: This beautiful ornamental tree grows best in full sun to semi shade positions and is fairly frost and cold tolerant. Watering should be done regularly however care should be taken not to over water.


Common names: September bush | Augustusbossie / blouertjie / langelede (Afrikaans) Size: 1.5 - 4m

About: This evergreen shrub bears pretty mauve flowers on and off throughout the year with a peak in spring, hence its common names Augustusbossie and September bush. The flowers are carried in small clusters. The showy petals are usually in shades of purple or mauve.

Germination: Very easy to germinate, soaking not required.

Care: The Polygala Mytifolia is very hardy and adapts well in various garden conditions. Under favorable garden conditions it can grow into a small tree of about 3 meters, but it more typically forms a shrub 1,5 to 3 meters tall, depending on the local climate conditions. The Polygala mytifolia tolerates both moderate frost and windy coastal conditions as well as periods of drought.

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