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The Fur so Fresh Toenail clipper will give your cat that perfect pedicure right in the comfort of  your own home. The cutters are comfortable and easy to use. No need to spend the money on a pedi at your vet, save it and spend it on something special for your moggy.

Fur so Fresh Toenail Clipper for Cats

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Manufactured by: Fur so Fresh

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Trimming your moggy’s claws can be rather challenging, but it needs to be done. You know that feeling you get when your toenails are too long, your cat gets that same feeling, this is when the clawing on everything starts.  To control the scratching behaviour, give your cat a pedicure.

What is Fur so Fresh Cat Toenail Clipper?

The Fur so Fresh Cat Toenail Cutter is a high quality steel blade claw trimmer. They will keep your cat’s claws trim and healthy.

Why should I buy this product?

These Clippers are made of high quality steel blades and comes with a comfort grip. These Toenail clipper blades are specifically designed at an angle, which will result in maximum efficiency keeping your cat's nails looking professionally trimmed every time

How to trim your cat’s claws.

  • Get your cat comfortable on your lap. Do not cuddle or cradle her

  • Touch her feet gently, do this for a few minutes,

  • Give her treats

  • Extend her claws - this will need practice, some cats hate it when you extend their claws.

  • Show her the clippers, put a treat on top of the clippers and let her take the treat, continue touching her paws, let the clippers become familiar to her.

  • Start trimming. When you are ready to start cutting, extend your cat’s claw and look for the quick. The quick is the pink part of the nail which contains all the nails blood vessels. The quick is very sensitive so do not cut.  Trim off just the sharp tip of the nail, just a few millimeters.

  • If your accidently cut into the quick, the claw will bleed and will need styptic powder, cornstarch or dry soap will stop the bleeding.

    • Cornstarch - pack the nail with cornstarch

    • Dry Soap - scrape the nail along the dry soap.

If this is the first time trimming your cats claws at home, take your time.  Training makes you perfect.

Don’t cut more than two claws at a time until your cat is used to having their claws trimmed.

Don’t even try to trim your cat’s claws if she is not relaxed and calm.

  • Blades are made of stainless steel

  • Specially designed blades designed at an angle for maximum efficiency

  • Comfort Grip handle

  • Easy to use

  • Your cat’s claws will look professionally done