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So Tubby is a bit chubby? A healthy weight can spare him many health problems, so why not switch to Hill’s Feline Adult Perfect Weight with chicken? It will help him get to his ideal weight in no time, and then maintain it.

Hill's Feline Adult Perfect Weight Chicken

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Manufactured by: Hill's Science Plan
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Hill's® Science Plan Adult Perfect Weight dry cat food is a breakthrough in health nutrition. It was formulated to get Tubby back to a healthy weight, something that could dramatically improve his quality of life. This food recipe is also suitable for sterilised cats and will see to it that Tubby can enjoy and maintain a healthy, active and playful life.

Hill’s Feline Adult Perfect Weight:

·         Perfect weight is for cats that are overweight or prone to obesity.

·         Hill’s Perfect weight is clinically proven nutrition to help your cat maintain a healthy weight

·         It is formulated to keep the weight off.

·         To support nutrient absorption and gentle digestion, Prebiotic fibres has been added.

·         Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives has not been add to Hill’s Feline Adult Perfect Weight cat food.

Ingredients include:

with Chicken: Chicken (23%) and turkey meal, brewers' rice, maize gluten meal, cellulose, tomato pomace, dried beet pulp, flaxseed, animal fat, coconut oil, digest, minerals, L-lysine, DL-methionine, dehydrated carrots, L-carnitine, vitamins, taurine, trace elements and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

Additives include:

Calcium –          Builds strong bones, keeps nails, teeth and coat healthy. Required for digestion, blood clotting, squeezing and relaxing muscles, releasing hormones. And it helps to maintain a regular heartbeat.

Fibre -                Plays an essential role in your cat’s digestive, heart and skin health, and it may improve blood sugar control and weight management. Fibre also helps prevent Constipation.

L-Carnitine -    Acts as an antioxidant and helps with weight loss.

L-lysine -           Helps convert fatty acids to energy, aiding in weight reduction.

Magnesium - necessary for proper bone growth and is necessary for the functioning of many enzymes in the cat’s body, and production of protein

Phosphorus - helps with the formation of bones and teeth. Is also needed for your cat’s body to make protein for the growth, maintenance and repair of cells and tissues.

Potassium –    Your cat’s body needs to work normally. Potassium helps nerves and muscles to communicate.

Sodium -           Maintains the cellular environment and prevents cells from swelling or dehydrating. Is also important for maintaining a proper nerve and muscle cell function.

Taurine -           an Amino acid. It is critical for normal vision, normal digestion, normal heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development and to maintain a healthy immune system

Vitamin A –      maintains your cat’s skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue and good vision.

Vitamin C –      Is involved in protein metabolism. Plays a vital role in wound healing, Antioxidant.

Vitamin D –      Keeps your cat’s bones and teeth healthy, and support a healthy immune system.

Vitamin E –      Antioxidant

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