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Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Chicken and Rice
Ultra Dog Special Diet Low Calorie
Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Beef and Rice
Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Turkey and Rice
Ultra Dog OptiWoof Puppy
Ultra Dog

Ultra dog is a premium brand of scientifically engineered dog food, made for South African dogs in a South African environment, with our unique climate, seasons and conditions. Ultra Dog is developed by dedicated veterinarians and technologists and contains only nature-identical flavours and colourants, providing expert nutrition for the lives your dogs deserve. Ultra Dog delivers the highest possible quality while ensuring ideal nutritional value, at an optimal price. This is possible because Ultra Dog is manufactured, packaged and distributed locally. Ultra Dog’s food is certified and up to international ISO Standards and is even safe for human consumption. Ultra Dog has a strict manufacturing process and they make sure they only produce the highest quality dog food. Ultra Dog is available in four product ranges catering for all dog breeds, ages and sizes. Each product range is scientifically engineered by a pet food nutritionist and is certified by a local veterinarian. All of our products are designed to suit every dog owner’s quality and price expectations. Each range is available for all life stages and breeds. The Ultra Dog Premium range contains all the protein, fats and carbohydrates to keep your dog’s happy and healthy for longer. The Ultra Dog Special Diet range contains specific nutrition for dogs who struggle to maintain a healthy weight or have sensitive skin. The Superwoof range is designed to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin and a lustrous coat. The Optiwoof range delivers the right levels of protein, fat and calories to help your dog maintain optimal his body condition.

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Are you in need of a one-stop complete and balanced dry dog food for daily feeding? Your normally active medium to large breed dog will love Ultra Dog Optiwoof’s high quality taste and you will like the effect on your pocket. Ultra Dog Optiwoof Adult Medium & Large Breed is for medium dogs older than 12 months (1 year) and for large dogs older than 24...

R 503 R 530

Puppies have different dietary needs than adult dogs. They have a high energy intake to help them grow and develop. OPTI-WOOF is a high quality, balanced puppy food.  

R 257 R 270

Pet Hero can recommend Ultra Dog Premium Large Breed Adult dry dog food for your larger canine companion. 

R 348 R 366

Large Breed puppies grow at a rapid rate, meaning their bones must change quickly and this can put them at risk of forming improperly. They need the right nutrition to support their developing bodies in the first 24 months. Ultra Dog Premium Large Breed Puppy dog food will strengthen their immune systems and will promote good, strong development.

R 865 R 910

Senior dogs have slower metabolisms and they usually become less active. This means they easily gain excess weight, contributing to all sorts of health issues and even less mobility. Ultra Dog Premium Senior is the way to go. 

R 348 R 366

Smaller and medium breed dogs have faster metabolisms than larger breeds and therefore they need additional protein. Ultra Dog Premium Small/Medium Adult caters for all small and medium breeds. 

R 348 R 366

Ultra Dog Premium Small/Medium puppy supports growth and development. That is why this formulation is suitable for puppies and pregnant and lactating bitches alike. 

R 348 R 366

Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems, allergies and food intolerances that can lead to serious discomfort and cannot be corrected by standard adult formulas. Ultra Dog Hypo Allergenic will step in to save your dog’s day.

R 1,119 R 1,178

Healthy weight is key to a quality, active dog life. Ultra Dog Low Calorie is there to assist your canine companion to lose weight and obtain health and the ideal body weight. 

R 681 R 717

Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Beef and Rice is a premium quality scientifically engineered dog food that is made for South African Dogs in South Africa for the South African environment.  Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Beef and Rice dog food is for all breeds from the age of 1 year for small and medium breeds and 18 to 24 months for large and Giant breeds.

R 697 R 734

All dog breeds can benefit from Ultra Dog Supwerwoof Adult Chicken and Rice. It is a high quality dry dog food formulated by a veterinarian and pet nutritionist with your dog’s health in mind.

R 697 R 734

All breeds can happily munch away on Ultra Dog Superwoof Adult Turkey and Rice. It promises all the nutrients an adult dog could ask for and all the taste for him to feel pampered and loved. 

R 697 R 734
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