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An average dog sleeps 50% of its life, so make comfort its number one priority. Just like humans, dogs have various postures and to ensure your dog’s posture is supported by a comfortable and orthopedic sleeping mattress or day mat, memory foam is the best material to use. Recommended by industry specialists, Dog-o-pedic beds and day mats will assist with the posture of your pet. It works in a way that keeps your dog’s posture straight instead of curled. Dog-o-pedic is the only orthopedic memory foam mattress to carry a 3 year guarantee.

This pet accessory will allow your furry friend to sleep in ultimate canine comfort.

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An average dog sleeps 50% of its life, so make comfort your dog’s number one priority. You and your furbaby will love Dog-O-Pedic's new addition. This product may take up to a week for delivery.

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A top quality Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Mattress The Hush Puppy Waterproof Memory Foam dog Mattress is robust and perfect for the outdoor dog and with a new added handle it's perfect for the doggie on the move.

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Refresh and renew your Dog-O-Pedic Orthopedic Memory foam mattress with a new cover.

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A top quality memory foam day mat rating to promote healthier joints, ligaments and helps relieve pain. This product may take up to a week for delivery.

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Your dog spends 50% of his life sleeping, so he will need something comfortable and something that will support his posture. Memory foam is the best for supporting your loved one if he or she is old and has sore, stiff hips and joints, or if your best friend is recovering from an operation. Only the best, comfortable mattress will keep him supported and...

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Refresh and renew your Dog-O-Pedic Pharaoh Memory foam mattress with a new cover.

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The Dog-O-Pedic Pharoah Mattress gives your furbaby an option to either sleep flat, straight or if he likes to keep his head propped up.  Good for snoring dogs.

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