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Having a comfy bed that you can’t wait to crawl into every night is a definite must, the same goes for your hero. When they are not out and about they like to spend their time lazing in a comfortable, warm bed. Spoil them with something nice, something of their own, something cozy and to snuggle into at night. Try a plush, comfy Snugs bed. Snugs beds are made from a faux sheepskin inner and the removable cover makes it easy for you to wash the bed as often as you would like. The Faux sheepskin inner will keep your hero warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Snugs beds offers a comfortable, relaxing place for your pooch to rest. This item may take a up to a week for delivery.

Extra Large
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Did you know that most dogs feel the cold like we do. If we are cold, they are cold.  Yes, dogs do have fur coats, but it is of no help during a bitter cold season. When you start feeling the cold, your baby will too. Pet Hero has Snugs Doggy Jersey that will keep them snug and warm during these chilly seasons.

Size 2
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