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Sanimed Canine Senior
Sanimed Canine Adult
Sanimed Feline Kitten
Sanimed Canine Adult Small Breed
Sanimed Feline Senior

Sanimed is a Dutch health pet nutrition company that produces a nutritious and affordable pet food that will maintain your pet’s health and will help alleviate common ailments found in dogs or cats. During production, samples are regularly taken and tested. Sanimed assesses odour, colour, coarseness of flour, breaking-up of the kibble, weight, moisture and composition. Strict controls are taken so that you can be sure that any food for your beloved pet is developed, produced, packaged and delivered in a safe manner. Sanimed Veterinary Nutrition Preventive is perfect for all breeds and ages. The dog range is available in four products Puppy food, Junior food, Adult dog food and Senior dog food. It is available in two bags sizes, a 3kg and a 12.5kg. Sanimed cat food offers protection against the most common diseases known to cats and ensures a long and healthy life of your cat. The cat food range comes in three products Kitten, Adult and Senior and is available in 1.5kg and a 4.5kg. Sanimed dog food and cat food contains only high quality natural raw materials, without added fragrances, colouring or flavouring. Sanimed offers the right amount of calcium, depending on the dietary needs of each pet. Sanimed helps adult and senior pets to build strong resistance to bone, heart, liver and kidney problems.

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As your dog reaches adulthood, it is important to maintain the physical condition of your dog and support their health as much as possible.  Sanimed Canine Adult will do just that.

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Your dog has reached adulthood. Now it is important to maintain the body condition of your dog and reduce the risk of the most common diseases.

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As your puppy becomes a young adult, growth decreases. Sanimed Junior takes this decreasing growth into account.

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Pet owners only want the best for their pets and the right food is very important for this stage of life. Sanimed is designed to counter the risks that each stage of your dog’s life brings with it.

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As your dog gets older, his/her bodily functionings start going down hill. It is very important to keep the physical condition and to minimise the worsening of bodily function in your senior citizen. Sanimed Canine Senior will help to support your aging dog.

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Your kitten has grown into an adult. Sanimed cat foods offer optimal protection against the most common diseases and contribute to a long and healthy life for your cats.

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Nutrition is important in the growth and development of your Kitten. Sanimed gives your kitten what it needs for optimal growth. Kitten is suitable from 4 weeks to 12 months of age.

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When you cat becomes a senior, it is important to maintain its physical condition and minimise loss of its functions. Sanimed Senior is a natural food and is formulated to support a long and healthy life.

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