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Kunduchi supplies Pet Hero with the Catnip herb that is fresh and incredibly pungent.  Kunduchi Super Catnip is grown  here in South Africa, and it will leave your cat happy and content.  Super Catnip is a non-addictive herb. It is beneficial to sedentary cats, or for cats living indoors to keep them active and exercised. It will also comfort the sick or anxious cat.  

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Our rope leads are colourful and come with an attractive ornamental Turks Head. Suitable for medium to large Dogs.

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Our rope leads are colourful and come with an attractive ornamental Turks Head.Suitable for small Dogs.

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Satisfies your cat’s natural need to scratch while protecting your furniture. Available in Red; Blue; Black and Yellow. The Kunduchi Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post is so easy and convenient.

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Catnip potency is at its strongest during the flowering season. That is why Super Catnip Spray is made from a filtered extract of leaves and flowers to ensure a quality productUses - Spray on cat toys, scratching posts, bedding and other objects, or may be used at shows to make your cat less anxious.Super Catnip is beneficial to sedentary cats, or those...

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The pungent aroma of Super Catnip is irresistible to most cats. It is harmless & non-addictive.

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Super Grass is a highly nutritious living supplement for cats, birds guinea pigs etc to eat.It also adds roughage to their diet and helps cats to expel fur balls the natural way. Super Grass is as simple as adding water to grow and takes approximately one week.

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