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Marltons offers you all the pet care products and accessories you need to ensure your pet has a healthy and exciting lifestyle. Marltons believes that the unconditional love you receive from your pet deserves expert pet care. Marltons provides a wide range of products that give your beloved pets the care they deserve, from healthcare to snacks and treats to accessories.

There is a Marltons product for each and every pet. Marltons Pet Care experts strive to make your life easier and at the same time, make your pet's life happier. Marltons knows that you need easy-to-use and effective solutions to ensure your pets are well cared for. They have everything your pet could ever need from cat flaps to pet brushes and flea combs, as well as cat litter, poop scoopers, litter trays, scratching posts, sleeping cushions and pet beds or blankets. Marltons also makes helpful dog ‘on guard’ signs to show who protects your home.

Marltons pet toys ensure that your pet is fully entertained at all times. Marltons believes that your pet needs to have a balanced body and mind, so Marltons toys are all ideal for training, playing and teething. These toys will encourage your dog to play, alleviate boredom and satisfy the urge to chew. From glitter balls to sausages on ropes, rubber tyres, and ball launchers, Marltons has the perfect toy for your cat or dog. Marltons also offers delicious treats for your cats and dogs, from catnip drops to gravy for dog food and calcium bone dog treats, Marltons has the most enticing products to make your pet jump for joy.

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For control over your cats access to and from the house, this 4 Way Locking Cat Flap offers exceptional value for money. Particularly recommended for thin panel doors and screens. The cat flap features an easy to use, tamper-proof 4 way lock and a weather-proof brush sealed flap made from super-tough polymer. Self lining to 1/2 (13mm)."

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R 515 R 543

Electromagnetic Cat Flap for wood & walls. Keeps stray pets out. Includes 2 super compact collar magnets.

R 1 508 R 1 587

The attractive circular styling of this 4 way locking cat flap is popular to glass doors or windows.

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R 737 R 776

Specially developed for the largest cats or small dogs up to a shoulder height of 360mm. A secure, double point 4 Way locking mechanism gives complete control of your pets movement. Self lining to 50mm - ideal for all doors and thin panels.

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R 828 R 871

An economically priced flap with uncompromised quality. This lockable flap features an easy-to-use slide lock and is particularly recommended for most thin wooden panel doors.Self lining to 1/2" (13mm) thick - ideal for thin panel doorsAvailable in: WhiteSimple slide Open/Closed lock Dimensions Overall Size : 7 5/8" x 7 7/8", (192mm x 200mm)Cut Out Size...

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R 410 R 431

Calcium Bones is a tasty, milky treat for dogs.  Calcium bones are good for your dog or puppy in many ways.  The treat has added calcium, good for bones and teeth, good as a training aid and your dog will love them, no matter what age your dog is, the chew is soft for the newest to the oldest of teeth.

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This toy will drive your dog bonkers! Exercise your furry friend's body and their brain! The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy is a fetchable puzzle that cannot be solved

R 210 R 221

The Hol-ee Roller is unique among dog toys. This rubber toy is easy for a dog to grab or catch. Put the Hol-ee Roller to the tug-of-war test and they will come out intact every time! Made of tough, yet flexible rubber, they bounce, roll, 'squish,' tug and immediately spring back. Available in sizes to suit every pet.Sizes: 9cm 13.5cm

R 119 R 125

This simple but effective gadget will make playing fetch with your dog easier and more fun.

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Marltons Barking Good Gravy Biltong flavoured is a delicious treat that you can pour over their dry kibbles for a more flavoursome, tasty meal.

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Add a little love to your dog's meal.  Marltons Barking Good Gravy will turn their meal into a more flavoursome, enjoyable meal.

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Let Marltons spoil your dog a little with their Barking Good Gravy in a delicious Oxtail flavour.  Your furbaby will be barking for more.

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