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Save your lint roller handle. Use a refill. Slides onto all 3M and Scotch lint roller handles.

1 Unit
R 97 R 102

Adaptil collar contains DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) natural and convenient to help puppies and dogs in stressful situations.

R 352 R 370

The Diffuser helps by creating a loving environment for your puppies or adult dogs and making your home a comforting home. Adaptil helps reduce stress in dogs and puppies that are exposed to difficult situations.

R 552 R 581

Use the refill to continue making your home a comfortable, relaxing place to be.

R 308 R 324

Adaptil Spray is a convenient way to make travels to the vet or grooming parlour easier on you and your pooches. A quick spray is all you need.

R 465 R 489

Advantage is a fast acting and long lasting flea killer on cats and rabbits weighing over 4kg. Each box contains 4 applications that each lasts one month. 

4 Pipettes
R 342 R 360

Pet Hero can recommend Advantage for larger dogs as it is a spot-on treatment that will kill all fleas and biting lice within 24 hours of application. It is safe to use on puppies older than 6 weeks and weighing more than 25kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 677 R 713

Your dog is a medium breed dog weighing about 14 kg. He suffers from a flea and biting lice infestation. Try Advantage. You can buy a box with 4 doses to apply monthly over a period of four months for total flea control. 

4 Pipettes
R 508 R 535

Advantage for small cats under 4kg is a fast acting topical flea control that will get rid of fleas in all their life stages.

4 Pipettes
R 326 R 343

Your poor furbaby needs relief now! He’s infested by fleas and lice and what he needs is a spot-on treatment of Advantage for small dogs between 4 and 10kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 365 R 384

Monty weighs only 2kg and he is pestered by fleas and biting lice. Advantage formulated a specific treatment suitable for small dogs and puppies weighing less than 4kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 316 R 332

Advantix specifically for medium breeds contains 100mg imidacloprid and 500mg permethrin to get rid of bothersome bugs like ticks, flies, fleas and biting lice. Suitable for puppies 7 weeks and up weighing more than 4kg. 

4 Pipettes
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