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Products by Regal Pet Health

Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy
Regal Cat Tonic
Regal Glossy Coat Remedy
Regal Skin Healing Spray
Regal Skin Care Biscuits
Regal Pet Health

Regal Pet Health is a South African brand that do herbal remedies for your furbabies.  They offer you, the pet owner, the opportunity to address the needs of your pet naturally. Regal Pet Health feels strongly about helping you decide about your pet’s health, making sure your four-legged family member has a long and happy life.

In the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs when they are not feeling good. Our beloved pets have that same instinct in the way they eat grass. Studies suggest they do this when they are not feeling well, to aid their digestive system or a nutritional deficiency. Regal Pet Health products contain ingredients well known for their medicinal properties, ensuring you to have access to high quality herbal remedies.

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Regal Cat Health Tonic contains Schuessler Biochemic Tissue Salts that assist in support the health and vitality of cats. It helps calm, heal and strengthen.

R 77 R 82

Regal's Glossy Coat Remedy boosts the health of your dog's skin, stimulates circulation, promotes hair growth, improves vitality and enhances liver function to help your dog shine – inside and out.

R 150 R 158

Regal’s Joint Health Remedy, with a delicious artificial beef flavour, has been specifically formulated for dogs to improve and protect the health of their joints.

R 129 R 136

Stiff, inflamed, sore joints. A thing of the past with beef flavoured Regal Joint Health Tablets.

60 Tablets
R 118 R 124

Skin Care in a convenient and tasty biscuit.

R 117 R 124

This combo works so well together. Get this combo at a discounted price!

R 181 R 191

Incessant scratching, red, raw skin. He looks at you pleading for help and there is nothing you can do except help him by rubbing his itchy body. But, now there is a delicious beef flavoured liquid that works wonders.

R 65 R 68

Skin Healing spray soothes itchy, red, raw skin caused by allergies or infections. Will also help heal minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites.

R 137 R 144

Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy with beef flavour was formulated for calming stressed, anxious and problem dogs.

R 129 R 136
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