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Vets Choice is a proudly South African brand manufactured by Royal Canin. Formulated by South African vets, Vets Choice is instantly recognisable by its eye-catching packaging and is available in various bag sizes ranging from 1.8kg to 20kg. Vets Choice offers a range of tasty dry dog food that is specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog, no matter the age or size, these dog foods are both highly nutritious and very digestible. Vets Choice will assist in keeping your dog healthy, with Omega 3 and Omega 6 for skin and coat health, an antioxidant complex to help keep your pet in peak condition, they have specially adapted kibble for dental hygiene and an adjusted calcium and phosphorus ratio suited to the age of your pet; Vets Choice is the answer for owners who want the best for their dogs. Vets Choice is available in 8 different dog foods, the large puppy breed is designed for large & giant breeds up to 18 months, this food is formulated for the correct growth of large dogs; vitamins and minerals like Calcium and Phosphorous help with energy levels and good skeletal development.

Vets Choice Puppy Food is made or small and medium breeds up to 12 months, because puppies have greater energy requirements this food includes additional fat and protein. Vets Choice Premium is a maintenance diet designed for adult dogs with normal activity, the recommended daily amount should be adjusted only to maintain correct weight. Vets Choice Superior is designed for adult dogs with high nutrient requirements. These include pregnant and nursing mothers, performance & show dogs, as well as dogs recovering from illness. Vets Choice Sensitive is a diet with a unique protein source, reducing the risk of allergies, and allowing for better digestion.

Vets Choice Lite is for adult dogs that are overweight, the increased fibre in the diet assists with weight loss and weight control. Vets Choice Large Breed diet is suitable for large breed adult dogs with additional taurine to assist with the protection of the heart. The larger kibble suits bigger dogs' jaws and promotes chewing. Vets Choice Golden Years is for adult dogs 7 years old and up who need restricted high-quality proteins and a correct amino acid balance. In addition, lower sodium levels assist in decreasing the risk of heart problems. Overall Vets Choice is the brand to go for if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality dog food chosen by vets nationwide.

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Large breed adult dogs over 18 months of age need specific nutrients to maintain an active, fulfilling life. Vets Choice Large Breed Adult dog food is suitable for all large and giant breed adult dogs, over the age of 18 months and under the age of 5 years that are active and on the go. 

20 kg
R 851 R 895

Large and giant breed puppies have a long developmental phase of 18 months. Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy food has a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy food is a highly nutritious and complete dog food. Pet Hero offers pet owners Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy food for puppies up to 18 months old at a discounted...

20 kg
R 916 R 964

The ingredients in Vets Choice Puppy makes it specifically suited for for small and medium breed puppies younger than one year. The formula will also provide the high energy that pregnant and lactating bitches demand during those life stages.  

8 kg
R 399 R 420

If your furry friend is 7 years and older, Vets Choice Golden Years is the dog food he or she needs.  Vets Choice Golden Years is a tasty, highly nutritious and a very digestible diet for all breeds. Vets Choice is the answer for owners who want the best for their furry friend.

20 kg
R 798 R 840

Vets Choice Lite is a highly nutritious complete dog food. With added Chromium, Vets Choice Lite is a complete diet for adult dogs that need weight control. It is a known fact, with population density and increased traffic, that many adult dogs in our main metropolitan areas live a less active life than what would have been the case had they access to...

20 kg
R 798 R 840

Adult dogs with normal activity levels need love, attention and good food to thrive. Vets Choice Premium is a good choice. Vets Choice Premium contains a balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids and is a highly nutritious complete dog food. Vets Choice Premium are for small to medium size dogs, from ages 1 to 7 years, with an adult weight up to 25 kg.

20 kg
R 798 R 840

Vets Choice Sensitive is specifically formulated with low allergen ingredients to assist adult dogs with food allergies and digestive sensitivity. 

18 kg
R 1 006 R 1 059

Is your dog a working dog, a performance or a show dog, or is your dog just full of energy, wanting to be here, there and everywhere? Vets Choice Superior is a locally made dog food that is a suitable diet for adult dogs with high nutrient requirements. Vets Choice Superior is for adult dogs from the age of 12 months. The dog food is also suitable for...

20 kg
R 851 R 895
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