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Products by Pet Patrol

Pet Patrol Dog Deodoriser
Pet Patrol Stain & Odour Remover
Pet Patrol Hand Sanitiser
Pet Patrol Fabric Deodoriser
Pet Patrol Surface Sanitiser
Pet Patrol

Unlike traditional hygiene products, PET PATROL   does not contain alcohol or bleach, making it far more gentle to pets, humans and surfaces.

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Stop those smelly dog odours in their track and keep them at bay for 24 hours. Pet Patrol Dog Deodoriser Grooming Spray will do the trick. This gentle spray will not only keep your doggie smell fresh it will also keep your dogs coat in fabulous condition.

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These specially formulated wipes, help trap dirt and loose hair to keep your dog clean, fresh and smelling great.

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This long lasting Fabric deodoriser spray will kill the bacteria that causes fabrics to smell. Great for pet odours. Once the fabric has dried the deodoriser will keep working for 24 hours and stops new odours forming.

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Pet Patrol Hand Sanitiser is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and visuses.

R 53 R 56

Pet Patrol Stain & Odour remover is ideal for the home, car and the office. It kills 99.9% of odour causing bacteria and stops it from re-occuring.

R 93 R 98

The PET PATROL™ Surface Sanitiser is a fragrance free surface sanitiser that delivers a powerful long-lasting germ killing effect that lasts for 24 hours without the use of harsh chemicals like alcohol or bleach.

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