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GCS Joint Care Advanced Liquid
GCS Joint Care Advanced Chews
GCS Joint Care Advanced Gel for Cats
GCS Joint Care Advanced Powder XL
GCS-Dog Powder

GCS is a Cipla Vet product which is a nutritional supplement to aid  in the management of degenerative joint disease in dogs & cats. It is available in powdered, tablet and gel forms.

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Is your dog suffering from a Degenerative Joint disease? GCS Joint Care Advanced Chews for Dogs is a tasty supplement for your furry friends with painful joints.  This highly palatable beef flavoured chew is a treat that treats ageing cartilage and signs of joint degeneration.

60 Chews
R 651 R 685

Highly palatable salmon flavoured gel. Either pump onto food or directly onto your cat’s paw and let him do the rest

R 243 R 256

The tasty chicken flavoured liquid is loved by dogs. Will provide your dog with highly effective joint support.

R 242 R 255

GCS JOINT CARE ADVANCED XL Powder is a proprietary blend of 6 active ingredients which works together to support joint health in dog.

R 312 R 328

Bossy, your dog, has stiff joints. GCS-dog is a nutritional supplement for dogs with sore joints – it can’t get easier than this to bring Bossy relief. 

R 345 R 363
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