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Afrivet’s moto is “Quality with Economy”. Afrivet is a South African based company, specifically supplying the veterinary industry with affordable pet products, relevant to our country’s conditions. Afrivet develops, registers and provides South Africa with quality checked products ranging from shampoos and supplements to vaccines and medications.

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Canigest is a delicious feeding stuff containing Probiotics, Prebiotics, Glutamine, Pectin and Kaolin. It is perfectly suited to complement your dog or cat's daily food intake and is perfect to nutritionally support with digestive tract upsets. Canigest Paste can be used to enhance appetite, improve digestion and improve the condition of certain digestive...

15 ml
R 164

Yes, we have all seen it and it is gross!  Dogs consuming other dogs or cats faeces it is very common. Copronat is a safe, natural food supplement that will stop most dogs from eating faeces.

250 ml
R 442 R 465

Furinaid is a feed supplement for cats containing N-Acetyl Glucosamine in palatable and convenient liquid form

150 ml
R 501 R 528

Stress and fear can effect a dog’s good behaviour. Try NurtureCalm’s 30-day Pheromone Collar to help modify your dog’s behaviour through stressful times.

1 Unit
R 369 R 388

Keep your cat’s bad behaviour at bay with a NurtureCalm Pheromone Collar. It will manage your cat’s behaviour for 30 days without any long-term side effects.  

1 Unit
R 369 R 388

If your dog is painfully slow to climb stairs or can’t jump onto its favourite couch anymore, it might be suffering from degenerative joint disease and Osteoarthritis.  

200 ml
R 590 R 621

Sunfree is a high protection moisturising sun care (SPF30+). Use on sun-sensitive areas, like the tips of your pet’s ears.

30 ml
R 256 R 269
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