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Advocate is an ectoparasiticides and endoparasiticides. It is yet another product manufactured by Bayer and is for the topical treatment and prevention of mixed parasitic infections on dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and weighing over 1.0 kg. In relation to cats and kittens 9 weeks of age and weighing over 1.0 kg it is for the prevention and treatment of mixed parasitic infections.

Bayer Ectoparasiticides Parasitic infections Tick and flea treatment Spot-on Tick and flea prevention

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Advocate is a spot-on combination treatment for internal and external parasites in cats over 4kg. Not to be used on dogs. 

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Advocate is a broad spectrum treatment to get rid of a number of nasty parasites in and on your large breed dog weighing between 25kg and 40kg.

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It doesn’t create a pretty picture in one’s imagination, but it is true that Bob your medium breed (between 10 and 25kg) might have internal and external parasites. Treat it with Advocate, a broad-spectrum preventative. 

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Your kitten is 10 weeks old and you’ve already noticed a flea infestation. Advocate can be administered to small cats and kittens older than 9 weeks and between 1kg and 4kg. Within 24 hours: Gone are all the parasites!

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Advocate for dogs and puppies between 4 and 10kg kills a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites.

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You might not see them, but Princess can certainly feel their effect and it’s not a feeling of euphoria. Advocate treats many internal and external parasites bringing Princess relief and better health. Suitable for any puppy and dog over 7 weeks old and weighing between 1kg and 4kg.

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