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Ear and Eye

Ear and Eye

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Brighteye Liquid is a buffered isotonic solution that will remove your fair haired pet’s tear secretion stains. 

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Clean Ear is not medicated, and effectively cleans your pet’s ears. Suitable for dogs and cats. 

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Clean and soothe an irritated eye with Kyron Eye Wash. The isotonic formula will not sting your pet’s eyes.

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Get rid of that yucky eye gunk or tear stains around your pet’s eyes safely and gently with Mikki Eye Wipes.

1 Unit
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PYOclean® Oto is a purifying ear cleanser specially developed to cleanse the external ear canal, in particular in animals suffering from recurrent otitis externa. 

10 monodoses of 5ml
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Epi-Otic can be used for routine ear cleaning maintenance or as an addition to ear treatment.

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Virbac Physiological Ear Cleaner can be used often and will help to maintain your cat or dog’s hygiene. 

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Ear and Eye

Cats use their senses more than most other pets. Given their nocturnal behaviour, your cat’s eyes and ears are critical to navigation, safe-keeping and returning home healthy and safe.

We love to see our cat’s big brown eyes looking up at us with love, but it hurts us to see their eyes red and swollen. Pet Hero stocks over-the-counter cat eye care products that help reduce inflammation and help get your cat back to feeling like themselves.

With long-haired cats, you should also ensure that there is no hair falling over the face and eyes, as this can be irritating and harmful to your cat's vision if left un-trimmed.

Keeping your cat's ears clean is important, and it should be part of your normal grooming routine. Bear in mind that you should only ever clean the parts of the ear that you can see - if you're concerned about an ear infection or any other problems, speak to a vet rather than attempting to remedy the problem yourself.

If you’ve noticed your cat shaking their head excessively, they probably have an ear infection. Your cat’s ears can become infected from excessive hair, moisture, or even mites, and it is important to give them medicine early on to help remedy it before it gets any worse.

Clean ears and bright eyes are critical to a cat's alertness. Keep them clean and clear of pests with our physiological ear cleaners and spot on treatments best suited to your cat.

Help your cat see and hear clearly again with Pet Hero’s selection of cat ear and eye care products.