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Cat joint support

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Eco-Arth is a herbal remedy to treat arthritis in your pet and plays a large role in hip dysplasia.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

Eco-vet will help encourage healthy bone development in both young and elderly pets.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

Eco-Joint will help your pets swollen joints, lameness and soft tissue swelling.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

Is your pet struggling to get up or climb the stairs? Mobiflex is a powdered mobility supplement suitable for dogs and cats. 

250 g
R 238 R 250

Mobiflex does not only come in powder-format, but can also be obtained in tablet-format. It is virtually odourless and will treat your pet’s joint stiffness. Suitable for dogs and cats.

60 Tablets
R 303 R 318

Ideal for aging animals or pets with stiff or sore joints, this all natural formula contains fenugreek for healing muscles and inflammation, devil’s claw for arthritis, omega oils for all round health and MSM for joint support. The Herbal Pet Joint Formula has been specially designed to treat arthritis and joint problems, increase energy and vitality and...

200 g
R 197 R 208
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Cat joint support

When our cats get older they sometimes suffer from arthritis which makes moving around very painful and difficult. In other cases our cats could have joint problems due to weight issues and be in need of some extra joint care. There are some products available to help with your cat’s joint support and also some prescribed foods to help with weight loss.

Common cat hip problems include dislocation of the hip joint and hip dysplasia. Symptoms of a hip dislocation in cats include cracking or popping sounds near the joint as they move, excessive movement of the affected limb and limping. Be sure to have the problem checked by a veterinarian for treatment and then to offer your cat joint supplements for ongoing support thereafter.

Be your cat’s hero and make sure that they are not restricted in their movement so they can live happy, independent and pain free lives for as long as possible.