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Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

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Keep your cat’s bad behaviour at bay with a NurtureCalm Pheromone Collar. It will manage your cat’s behaviour for 30 days without any long-term side effects.  

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The Rogz instant id-TAGZ are stylish and can be customized instantly and require no engraving. They are silent, with no rattling and are corrosion free. These cool tags are also weatherproof and hardwearing.

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Some form of identification for your pet is vital. ID tags can provide immediate contact information if your pet and you get separated.

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Ensure your pet is safely identified if ever they manage to escape from you. Rogz Instant ID Tagz are strong and lightweight.

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Identification on your pet is a must in case you and your pet are separated, you can easily be contacted. Try the Rogz Instant ID Tagz, it is quick ‘n easy. No engraving needed. No rattling and are corrosion free.They are also waterproof.

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Becoming separated from your pet can be devastating for both you and your furbaby. Rogz has a tag that can be put together in less than 5 min.  Rogz Instant ID Tagz are stylish and are the perfect tag for you pet.

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Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Some cats are not traditionally seen with collars, leads and harnesses, there are some valid times to use them. Some owners like to walk their cats and there are some very nice options available to choose from, for those out and about days. The range of collars, leads and harnesses all match each other and offers a simple and practical way to keep your cat safe, some options even come with bling!

Also keep in mind that you can use collars, leads, and harnesses when transporting your cat in the car and need to take them out without them escaping.

The range we have will also match their bowls and beds, so, if you want to be your cat’s hero and the talk of the neighbourhood, make sure you choose a collar and carrier that will make her look as cool as she is!