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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

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The worlds easiest way to remove pet hair from carpets and rough fabric - NOT for clothing!

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A fantastic indoor or outdoor portable pet home that is great for travelling. The carrier has four sides of mesh, so your pet cat or dog can see what is happening around them. The Carrier is easy to store and quick and easy to set up.

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Feliway Spray is a convenient way to make travels to the vet or grooming parlour easier on you and your kitties. A quick spray is all you need.

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This small carrier is suitable for safe travel with cats or small dogs. It can also be used when air travelling. A seatbelt can be fastened to the carrier for safe road travel.  This item may take up to a week for delivery

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A small plastic carrier to transport your pets, either to a holiday destination or to the vet.

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Pets love being carried around thanks to the panoramic transparent lid.

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The latest innovation in Pet transport; with an ergonomic shape and endless combinations of applied printing designs, this carrier will allow you as the pet owner to express your personal taste whilst moving around with your pet.

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The Rogz instant id-TAGZ are stylish and can be customized instantly and require no engraving. They are silent, with no rattling and are corrosion free. These cool tags are also weatherproof and hardwearing.

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Some form of identification for your pet is vital. ID tags can provide immediate contact information if your pet and you get separated.

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Ensure your pet is safely identified if ever they manage to escape from you. Rogz Instant ID Tagz are strong and lightweight.

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Identification on your pet is a must in case you and your pet are separated, you can easily be contacted. Try the Rogz Instant ID Tagz, it is quick ‘n easy. No engraving needed. No rattling and are corrosion free.They are also waterproof.

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Becoming separated from your pet can be devastating for both you and your furbaby. Rogz has a tag that can be put together in less than 5 min.  Rogz Instant ID Tagz are stylish and are the perfect tag for you pet.

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Travel Essentials

Traveling with cats is very different from travelling with dogs, yet some travel essentials remain the same. For those out and about instances you will want to make sure you have all the gear and equipment to travel safe in the car. So, whether you are travelling to the vet for a visit or for vaccinations or transporting your cat for another reason, you will need a cat carrier. Vets usually insist on cats being transported in cat carriers as this reduces the risk of cats escaping or getting attacked by other animals in the reception area.  Having your cat in a carrier also reduces the risk of the cat roaming the car when in motion and distracting the driver or damaging the car. Make sure your cat is familiar and comfortable with the cat carrier long before your first car trip as it might even help to keep your cat calm when traveling to unfamiliar places.

Pet Hero offers a variety of cat carriers for you to choose from that will make your travel much more relaxed and stress free. You could also add a sign in your car that indicates you have a cat on board so others are aware that you need to be extra cautious on your travels.

Another good idea would be to make sure that your cat is microchipped or have some form of identification in case the worst happens while out and about. It will be devastating if your cat manages to escape from the car, but if you made sure he is microchipped the chances of you being reunited is just so much higher.

You also need to consider the possibility that traveling in a car might cause your cat to get motion sickness. In some cases, motion sickness can be overcome by desensitising your cat with repeated short, uneventful trips. This can be done by gradually making your cat accustomed to spending time in the car. First start while the engine is off, then with the engine on but the car being stationary, then short trips, building to longer trips. Prior to long trips make sure your cat has had food and water but remove it at least three hours before you start your journey.