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Tick and Flea Control for dogs

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Pet Hero can recommend Advantage for larger dogs as it is a spot-on treatment that will kill all fleas and biting lice within 24 hours of application. It is safe to use on your puppy if your large breed puppy is 6 weeks and older and weighs more than 25kg 

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Your dog is a medium breed dog weighing about 14 kg. He suffers from a flea and biting lice infestation. Try Advantage. You can buy a box with 4 doses to apply monthly over a period of four months for total flea control. 

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Your poor furbaby needs relief now! He’s infested by fleas and lice and what he needs is a spot-on treatment of Advantage for small dogs between 4 and 10kg. 

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Monty weighs only 2kg and he is pestered by fleas and biting lice. Advantage formulated a specific treatment suitable for small dogs and puppies weighing less than 4kg. 

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Advantix specifically for small breeds contains 100 mg imidacloprid and 500 mg permethrin to get rid of bothersome bugs like ticks, flies, fleas and biting lice. Suitable for puppies 7 weeks and up weighing more than 4kg. 

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Prevent bugs like fleas and ticks infesting your toy dog weighing between 1.5kg and 4kg. 

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Why not treat your old Dane against fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes all at once? It is possible with Advantix for large to x-large dogs 25kg and over. It is a topical preventative treatment and can even be used on puppies of only 7 weeks old - just make sure you use Advantix Topical for Toy or Small Breed dogs, depending on the puppy's weight.

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Why not treat your medium to large breed against fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes all at once? It is possible with Advantix for medium to large dogs between 10 and 25kg. It is a topical preventative treatment and can even be used on puppies of only 7 weeks old. 

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Advocate is a broad spectrum treatment to get rid of a number of nasty parasites in and on your large breed dog weighing between 25kg and 40kg.

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It doesn’t create a pretty picture in one’s imagination, but it is true that Bob your medium breed (between 10 and 25kg) might have internal and external parasites. Treat it with Advocate, a broad-spectrum preventative. 

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Advocate for dogs and puppies between 4 and 10kg kills a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites.

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You might not see them, but Princess can certainly feel their effect and it’s not a feeling of euphoria. Advocate treats many internal and external parasites bringing Princess relief and better health. Suitable for any puppy and dog over 7 weeks old and weighing between 1kg and 4kg.

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Tick and Flea Control for dogs

Everyone hates those little blood sucking villains that we call Ticks and Fleas, your dog hates them even more than you do. Just thinking of ticks and fleas will make you and your dog itch and cringe.

The soft, warm fur of your four legged friend provides the perfect home for ticks and fleas. These little villains feed on your dog’s blood and can cause health problems ranging from flea allergy dermatitis to serious tick-borne illnesses.

Fleas are the most common cause of skin disease in dogs. With every flea you see on your dog, there could be 100 more in your house. What’s even worse, fleas like human blood too.

Complete tick and flea control is needed as a single flea can lay hundreds of eggs in just a few days and increase the reproduction of fleas. It can also take a few months to rid your home of a flea infestation and we place emphasis on prevention and treatment. Ensure your dog is protected from ticks and fleas all year round with a safe and reliable product.