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Virbac is a veterinary pharmaceutical company concerning itself with the warehousing and manufacture of  tablets and pesticide products, Act 36 liquids and secondary packaging (where applicable) and the marketing and distribution of veterinary products.

Virbac Veterinary pharmaceutical Animal health care Pet care Veterinary products.

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Allercalm is a shampoo that is designed for the routine hygiene in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with sensitive and dry skin. It is a gentle, soap-free, natural oatmeal shampoo.

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What to do? Gilbert scratches all day long, it’s clear his skin is sensitive and irritated. Allermyl Shampoo is unscented and specifically formulated to manage your cat or dog’s atopic dermatitis and/or allergic skin conditions. 

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Add AquaDent to your dog or cat’s drinking water for reduced plaque and tartar build-up, resulting in better oral health for longer.

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Epi-Otic can be used for routine ear cleaning maintenance or as an addition to ear treatment.

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Virbac Physiological Ear Cleaner can be used often and will help to maintain your cat or dog’s hygiene. 

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Should your dog or cat suffer from superficial dermatitis – meaning a bacterial and/or fungal skin infection – buy Pyoderm Shampoo. 

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