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Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

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The FURminator deshedder tool will remove any coat that has shed from the your dog’s skin.  This includes the topcoat, known as guard hairs, and the undercoat which is the underlying problem of shedding and is the majority of hair that is seen around the house.

R 763 R 803

Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coatHelps brush out minor knots and tanglesPush button quickly removes dead hair from the slickerAvailable in small, medium and large sizes

R 274

Get rid of that yucky eye gunk or tear stains around your pet’s eyes safely and gently with Mikki Eye Wipes.

1 Unit
R 150 R 158

Helps you to build a bond with your puppyIntroduces your puppy to pamper sessions so grooming becomes enjoyableContains a Slicker Brush, Comb & Flea CombNew and improved handle on both the Slicker Brush & Anti-tangle Comb

1 Unit
R 362

Left or right handedHigh quality rubberCleans and stimulates the skinFor wet and dry grooming

1 Unit
R 207

NOIR GroomingStrong nail trimmer made of galvanized stainless steel for soft and medium strong claws.

1 Unit
R 261 R 274

NOIR GroomingStrong nail trimmer made of galvanized stainless steel for soft and medium strong claws.

1 Unit
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NOIR GroomingDetangling comb made of galvanized stainless steel with high and low pins.

1 Unit
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NOIR GroomingGrooming brush with stainless steel pins and protection caps for gentle coat care, circulation enhancing and skin massage.

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Tools and Accessories

Cut grooming time with the selection of dog grooming tools and accessories available from Pet Hero. As pet owners, we love watching our dogs excitedly running, jumping, and playing each day – though we might love it more without the sight of their fur making a home on our furniture. Fortunately, Pet Hero has the dog grooming brushes and deshedding tools to keep your dog’s coat from collecting on the couch.

All of us lose hair every now and then, even our furry family members. Loose strands of dog hair seems to make its way to your furniture and clothing. With a dog grooming brush, you can start to take back your furniture from their fluff. If your canine has an especially long and lavish coat, some handy dog grooming tools like a shedding brush can be a lifesaver to keep their hair from spreading to every surface of your home.