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Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treat - Original
Orijen Feline Adult Six Fish
Orijen Canine Adult Six Fish All Breed
Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treat - Wild Boar
Orijen Puppy Large Breed

Orijen represents a new class of foods designed to nourish dogs and cats in keeping with their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets. Orijen only use ingredients that are sustainable raised by trusted sources which is delivered fresh daily.

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There are six types of authentic Canadian fresh fish in this dog food diet sure to be biologically suited to your dog’s carnivorous needs. 

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Orijen makes a dog food for all senior dogs in their late maturity that is appropriate for their bodies and health. It takes into account the nourishment an older dog needs to stay in great condition. 

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Wild-caught Canadian fish is the main ingredient of this feline food. Canada is blessed with an abundance of fresh, unpolluted fish stock coming from the three oceans surrounding it and its many fresh water lakes and rivers. This is perfect biologically appropriate nutrition for any cat. 

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Orijen Feline Cat and Kitten is an award winning, Biologically Appropriate food that is suitable for all breeds and life stages. Every morsel of Orijen Cat and Kitten is bursting with flavour and goodness, your moggy will love it.

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The original Orijen cat treat contains free-range poultry from local Canadian farms and wild caught flounder. All of these are freshly prepared and then freeze-dried to make sure your cat gets all the wonderful taste it deserves.

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Give your cat a taste of true venison, a carnivor’s dream. Orijen makes a wild boar cat treat originating on a farm in Alberta, Canada, where the boars are raised on the farm, living off what the woodland provides – no preservatives.

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Come on, your dog deserves a true gourmet treat. What about a wild boar treat from Canada? These wild boars live in the woodlands and feed on tubers and shoots found in the Alberta region. The freeze-dried treats are free of preservatives. 

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Orijen took as their cue nature’s notion of prey being a dog’s food source and developed a range of dog food from whole prey (for example the meat, liver, fat, marrow and cartilage of a chicken or turkey) in its natural form. 

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Orijen formulated biologically appropriate dog food for small and medium breed puppies with free-range chicken, turkey, whole eggs and fish. This protein based diet is great for your puppy’s optimal development and the use of whole prey meat makes this food rich in nutrients. 

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Orijen Puppy Large Breed puppy food is a Super-Premium Holistic dog food that is biologically appropriate for your large breed puppies. Orijen is rich in high-quality protein for your large breed dog’s muscle mass, and calorie-limited to promote a healthy weight and reduce stress on your little ones developing bones and joints.

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