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Acana is a premium brand of dog and cat food that specializes in biologically appropriate meat-based technology. Acana strives to mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that dogs and cats are designed to eat. These nourishing high-protein ingredients mirror your pet’s evolutionary diet; excluding carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, synthetic additives or preservatives. Because Acana does not use grain in their pet food, the high-protein technology ensures that your dog or cat will stay fuller for longer. Acana uses state-of-the-art food processing technology, they have partnered with speciality farmers and fishermen who supply nutrients in their freshest, most natural and nourishing form, this ensures that only fresh and raw ingredients are used to create Acana's premium dog food and cat food. Acana takes great care in making sure their ingredients are not frozen and defrosted multiple times, this ensures the absolute health and nutrition of your pet’s diet.

Acana has earned a reputation for innovation and has won many prestigious industry awards, in fact, more than any other pet food maker on the planet. Recently, America’s Largest Consumer Vote announced Champion Petfoods’ ACANA foods as the winner of this 100% consumer-voted award, open to more than 1,500 brands. Acana's award-winning variety of dry dog foods and cat foods incorporates wholesome flavours for your pet to enjoy. Their free-run duck, grass-fed lamb and Yorkshire-pork use only the best ingredients to create the highest quality pet food. Acana also produces specialized food for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Pack Leader, who distributes ACANA in Southern Africa, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and should you wish to return a bag for whichever reason, the bag should preferably have at least 75% of the contents still in the bag, and should not be decanted.

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If your adult dog is a fit, healthy and a happy 1 plus-year-old, this is the dog food for him. Acana Classic Canine Prairie Poultry is loaded with nourishing proteins that are delivered fresh to Acana’s kitchens daily.

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All breeds in all their different life stages will benefit from Acana’s Heritage Chicken and Greens recipe. The fresh meats and complementary fruit and veggies will keep your pet strong and healthy.

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Acana Heritage Canine Adult Large Breed is a biologically appropriate dog food that is made from fresh regional ingredients. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Large Breed is rich in a variety of fresh whole meats that is suitable for your large breed Adult dog from the age of 18 months.

R 1 173 R 1 235

Acana Heritage Canine Puppy Large breed will suit your puppy that aims to weigh 25 kg or more when fully grown. Large breed puppies should have a diet rich in meat and protein to develop their muscles, yet limited carbohydrates and calories to manage their body weight and to reduce stress on their developing bones and joints. Support your puppy’s...

R 1 629 R 1 715

Acana Heritage Canine Puppy and Junior is a super premium dog food for a special small to medium sized puppy with an adult weight of 9 - 25 kg. The puppy food is ideally formulated for their natural dietary requirements. The puppy food contains increased amounts of protein and smaller amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables. Acana Heritage Canine Puppy and...

R 335 R 353

All dogs of all breeds, older than 7 years for small to medium breeds and 5 years for Large and Giant breeds, can eat Acana’s Senior Dog food. It will keep their bodies in good condition, right through the later stages of their lives. Senior dogs are best fed a diet rich in meat proteins to support lean muscle mass, yet limited in carbohydrates which can...

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From Canada comes a fresh and preservative-free dog food for small breed dogs over one year. Acana Small Breed adult dog food is made with uncaged chicken and whole eggs. Dogs are natural carnivores and that is why their diet should be rich in good meat. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Small Breed is a premium dry food for small-breed adult dogs with a 60%...

R 718 R 756

Acana Heritage Canine Puppy Small Breed is specially formulated for small breed puppies between 2 - 12 months, that will eventually weigh 9 kg when fully grown. Small breed puppies need a diet to support their rapid physical development and they will therefore benefit from a diet rich in proteins and fats from a diversity of fresh whole meats. Acana...

R 335 R 353

Is your adult dog a little on the podgy side?  Yes?  Then Acana Heritage Canine Light and Fit for all adult dogs, is the food for him or her. Get your dog back into shape with this food. Your overweight pooch will benefit from this diet that is rich in protein.

R 1 173 R 1 235

Active dogs of all breeds will simply gravitate to Acana’s Sport and Agility dog food formulation. It is both delicious and will sustain Jumper for an active weekend of fun and fly ball. 

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The Pacifica all dog breed formulation is Acana’s offer of fish protein to keep your dog healthy and his body in excellent condition. This specific recipe will contribute to lovely coat and and great skin.

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From young adults to mature cats – all feline pets can eat Acana’s Pacifica with a variety of wild-caught fish and sun-ripened fruit and veg.

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