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Food and Nutrition

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From young adults to mature cats – all feline pets can eat Acana’s Pacifica with a variety of wild-caught fish and sun-ripened fruit and veg.

5.4 kg
R 862 R 907

Trust Acana Regionals Wild Prairie for the most natural and tasty cat food from Canada’s fertile prairies. If your cat is 1 year onwards, she will benefit from all the fresh natural ingredients Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat food has to offer.

5.4 kg
R 766 R 806

Do you have a mature cat over the age of 7 years and still want to feed a healthy, balanced diet? Your ageing cat has specific dietary requirements to help her maintain her health and well-being. Hill's Science Plan Mature Cat 7+ Active Longevity, packed with the appropriate nutrients and a delicious Chicken flavour, will help her stay fit and healthy....

10 kg
R 757 R 797

Trust Hill’s Science Plan Feline Mature Adult 7 + to serve Sahara tender chunks of meat in a tasty gravy that will not only speak to your ageing cat’s taste buds, but will also look after the health of her body. The Multipack contains 12 freshness pouches of 85g each. 

R 149 R 157

Hill's in a 85g can is a chicken flavoured cat food for active mature adult cats from 7 years old.  Some older cats may suffer from sensitive teeth and gums and this easy-to-chew food will cause them no discomfort.

82 g
R 15 R 16

The kibble for Kitsy older than 7 years of age is most definitely Hill's Feline Active Longevity Mature Adult Tuna. Your mature cat will love the tuna flavour that chews easily, and it’s good for her!

2 kg
R 221 R 233

Your mature cat needs specific nutritional needs, Hill’s Feline Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine has everything she will need.

79 g
R 15 R 16

Adult cats certainly won’t turn their backs on Hill's Science Plan Feline Chunks in Gravy, and you will find it equally handy.  It’s nothing less than tasty portable freshness in a pouch.  There are 12x 85g pouches in a multipack of chicken and turkey flavoured saucy meat chunks. 

R 150 R 157

The new Hill’s stews will have every kitty begging for more. Made with real chicken, and rice. A new taste experience your cat’s will love.

79 g
R 16 R 17

Your cat will enjoy the new stew from Hill’s Science Plan. A combination of seared tuna and tender carrots in a mouthwatering sauce.

79 g
R 15 R 16
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Hill’s Adult Indoor Cat food formula was exclusively created for cats that have no access to the outdoors. Nutritionally it provides what your cat needs and a plus for the owner is that your cat’s ablution odour is well contained.

4 kg
R 401 R 422

So Tubby is a bit chubby? A healthy weight can spare him many health problems, so why not switch to Hill’s Feline Adult Perfect Weight with chicken? It will help him get to his ideal weight in no time, and then maintain it.

8 kg
R 708 R 746
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Food and Nutrition

There is a lot you can tell about a cat if they are on a bad diet.  There coat is dull, they are either underweight or overweight, they have very loose stools, they could have missing teeth or very terrible teeth, the list can go on. Good food and nutrition is very important for your cat, right from the start and it starts with you, the mom or dad.  

Kittens need a good healthy, nutritious diet so they can see into their old age. Your kitten’s weight can double or triple during the first few weeks of their little life. To help support this fast growth, they will need a high energy diet, way higher than an adult cat. Pet Hero has that will support the growth of your little one, making sure she gets all the right vitamins, minerals, amino acids and lots of protein.

As your kitten reaches 1 year of age, she has grown into a beautiful adult. Don’t stop the good nutrition here! An adult cat’s behaviour, tendencies and needs vary based on her lifestyle, sensitivity and breed. If you have an indoor cat or your cat has been sterilised, you will need to be aware of weight gain. An indoor cat uses less energy, a sterilised cat often causes a reduction in hormone levels, which causes you cat’s appetite to increase. Obesity may cause various illnesses like diabetes and skin problems, to name but a few, so, keeping your cat slim and trim is very important. If you stick to the feeding levels on the packaging, you will keep your cats weigh on track.

As your adult cat gets older, you will notice a lot of changes. From the age of 7 years you will notice a decrease in energy, difficulty walking and loss of appetite. The older cat also has a greater chance of developing various illness, like cardiac problems, respiratory difficulties, susceptibility to infection due to a weakened immune system, frequent kidney disease. Your senior cat can also become underweight and lose muscle mass. Feeding your cat on a super-premium diet, that is suited for your elderly cat is definitely a good idea, even if you don’t see any health issues.

The cat foods we have on Pet Hero will cater for all your feline needs, if you have a breed of cat like the beautiful Persian or the majestic Maine Coon, or the hairless Sphynx, Pet Hero has it.