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It is worrying to see your senior citizen battling to get up on a wintery morning, or finding it very hard to climb the stairs. Arthrimed powder will treat your cat or dog that suffer from joint pain.  

250 g
R 243 R 255

As an aid in the maintenance of healthy joints and tendonsContains a unique combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, Green lipped mussel as well as Ascorbic acid, Manganese Ascorbate and Brewer's yeast. High potency, high dosage active ingredients utilized. Only the highest quality raw materials with Certificate of Analysis used....

90 Tablets
R 639 R 673

A natural product formulated to reduce flatulence and faecal odour in dogs.

250 g
R 132

Orovet Oral Rinse contains Chlorhexidine, which is the most potent antiseptic in oral hygiene. It is a highly effective chemical agent for the prevention and reduction of plaque accumulation and gingivitis in cats and dogs.

250 ml
R 137

Digestive supportA non-antimicrobial treatment for digestive upsets which does not disrupt the intestinal flora. Reduces liquid faecal consistency. Replaces deficient enzymes to ensure normal digestion. Contains a balance of natural enzymes and probiotics. A palatable powder supplement for addition to food.

1 kg
R 949

Shampoo for dogs that naturally repels ticks and fleas while keeping their coats healthy, shiny and silky smooth.Detangles hair and removes scales, crusts and dander.Soothes insect bites, grazes and persistent itch.Ideal combination of glossing and detangling agents with lanolin and pet coat conditioners.Cost effective.

250 ml
R 62 R 66

Mineral and vitamin supplement with Kelp and Spirulina

500 g
R 206
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