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Breed Specific Diets

Breed Specific Diets

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Yes, it’s true, an exclusive diet for adult British Shorthair cats over 12 months old. But why?, do you ask. Because this charming teddy bear cat has a big, noble body demanding hard working muscles and joints and just the right nutrition for optimal body condition. Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult is a must in your pantry. 

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What you did not know, was that your Persian beauty gives herself a silky fur spa every few hours or so. To say she’s a bit of a narcissist would be an understatement as her grooming activities amount to over 30 hours per week! The result of this can be foreseen: regular hairball formation. If you could feed her a balanced meal that would minimise...

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The gentle giantess that sings when she meows – that’s your Bess. You’ve seen her grow over the past 15 months – Maine Coon kittens have a long growth phase – and you know you’ve done her a favour by feeding her Royal Canin Feline Kitten Maine Coon 36 from 3 months old. She grew gradually and harmoniously and now she’s almost ready to turn into the...

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Kitten Persian 32 is Royal Canin’s anwer to undigested food that is often associated with Persians and their sometimes problematic digestive health. This exclusive recipe contains protein that is easily digested, aiming to reduce the fermentable residue in your cat’s intestines that cause all sorts of digestive odours.  For your Persian kitten up to 12...

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Maine Coon cats reach adulthood at 15 months of age. Then they need a balanced diet to complement their lifestyle and life stage. Royal Canin Feline Maine Coon 31 is everything your cat older than 15 months need.

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The Siamese’s slim, muscular body shape is distinctive and attractive. Siamese adults older than 1 year need the right nutrition to retain their beautiful body. Royal Canin Feline Siamese Adult is the obvious choice. 

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The Sphynx is an interesting breed – they lack a coat and therefore they like being inside and protected, rather than being exposed to cold, heat or rain. They have an active metabolism to control their body temperature – a high-energy diet is essential (especially during winter) to maintain the right body temperature. Royal Canin Feline Sphynx Adult is...

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Breed Specific Diets

Good nutrition is important for your cat’s health and longevity, so it is important to feed your cat on high-quality foods that meet their individual nutritional needs. Pedigree cats come in all different shapes and sizes. They exhibit physical characteristics and may show some breed related behaviours. The Siamese has a sleek muscular body and is very talkative, the Persian has a Brachycephalic face and battles with hairballs. The large, muscular body of the Maine Coon, the hairless Sphynx and the noble, British Shorthair with her dense, short coat and irresistible charm all have different nutritional needs according to their breed.

Royal Canin has taken all these different characters and behaviours into account and developed specific food for each breed. Royal canin uses ‘kibble technology’ and has developed a unique almond shaped kibble that is suited for the persian, as the persian picks the kibble up with the underside of their tongue. A tube-shaped kibble for the Siamese, unlike most cats that grab their food between the incisors, the Siamese picks up the kibble using their canines, and there is a larger kibble for the Maine Coon and the British Shorthair.

Royal Canin has also thought of size and structure of your breed. The Maine Coon can have an adult weight of 8 - 10 kg. That is big for a cat. So Royal Canin has put the correct nutrients in their foods to support the bones and joints and to reduce joint inflammation. Then there are your cats with lovely, long locks so the omegas have been added to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

The Sphynx is a very affectionate, playful cat that can suffer from the cold and skin break-outs as well as heart conditions, but Royal Canin has sorted all that out, and feeding your Sphynx on this food, will make sure she has many happy years around her family.

Feeding your cat a breed specific diet is a good idea if you want to ensure your beloved pet has a long, healthy, happy, playful, comfortable life with you.