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Mature and senior cat food

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Do you have a mature cat over the age of 7 years and still want to feed a healthy, balanced diet? Your ageing cat has specific dietary requirements to help her maintain her health and well-being. Hill's Science Plan Mature Cat 7+ Active Longevity, packed with the appropriate nutrients and a delicious Chicken flavour, will help her stay fit and healthy....

10 kg
R 757 R 797

Trust Hill’s Science Plan Feline Mature Adult 7 + to serve Sahara tender chunks of meat in a tasty gravy that will not only speak to your ageing cat’s taste buds, but will also look after the health of her body. The Multipack contains 12 freshness pouches of 85g each. 

R 149 R 157

Hill's in a 85g can is a chicken flavoured cat food for active mature adult cats from 7 years old.  Some older cats may suffer from sensitive teeth and gums and this easy-to-chew food will cause them no discomfort.

82 g
R 15 R 16

The kibble for Kitsy older than 7 years of age is most definitely Hill's Feline Active Longevity Mature Adult Tuna. Your mature cat will love the tuna flavour that chews easily, and it’s good for her!

2 kg
R 221 R 233

Your mature cat needs specific nutritional needs, Hill’s Feline Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine has everything she will need.

79 g
R 15 R 16

A mature cat older than 7 years usually reduces their physical activity and need a balanced diet to keep them healthy and in shape. Hill's™ Science Plan™ Feline Mature Adult 7+ Light Chicken provides what your cat needs.

5 kg
R 503 R 529

The vegetable fibres in the Hill's Feline Mature Cat 7+ Hairball Control formulation will help poor old Doodles strugging with hairballs. Suitable for mature cats over the age of seven.

5 kg
R 503 R 529

Hill's will always look after your mature cat’s kidneys. Cats older than 7 years often suffer from kidney failure. Trust Hill’s Science Plan Feline Mature Adult Sterilised Cat for a balanced healthy diet suitable for older sterilised cats. 

3.5 kg
R 354 R 373

Ideal BalanceTM Mature Adult No Grain with Chicken & Potato is a complete pet food for mature adult cats 7+ years old made with natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and with no grains.

1.5 kg
R 208 R 219

The senior and mature Iams cat food come in a variety of flavours – all packed with goodness and health boosters, like the Succulent Roast Chicken. It tastes as good as it sounds.  

1 kg
R 114 R 120

As soon as your cat reaches the age of 9 years, he/she will be classified as a senior cat. Katz Menu Oldies Cat Food was specially formulated for older cats who may start to struggle with weak joints as well as weight gain because of their age. Katz Menu Oldies Cat Food is a diet which is well-balanced to assist with joint support, and it is also easily...

2 kg
R 182 R 192

This kibble is especially developed for older cats over 12 years of age with sore gums and teeth resulting in appetite loss and fussiness.

400 g
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Mature and senior cat food

Your kitten has left kittenhood and adulthood, now she is 7 years old. A beautiful, calm mature cat. She is the equivalent of a middle-aged human in their forties or fifties. If she remains active she will look and behave like an adult cat, but you will start to see her slowing down and becoming sedentary, you may also notice she will start gaining a few kilograms and her coat will start losing its sheen.

You need to watch her weight as this is the time there is a higher risk of obesity and problems related to obesity, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Obese cats are also at risks of cancer, kidney and thyroid diseases. Keep regular check-ups with your veterinarian, at least once a year for mature cats and every 6 months for senior (over 10 years) cats.

Mature (ages 7 to 10 years) and Senior (10+ years) cats need a specific diet with good nutrients to keep their body in good health. Veterinary diets, like Hill’s Science Plan, Royal Canin or Iams, to name a few, have all the right amount of nutrients so your cat can live a long and happy life.