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From young adults to mature cats – all feline pets can eat Acana’s Pacifica with a variety of wild-caught fish and sun-ripened fruit and veg.

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Trust Acana Regionals Wild Prairie for the most natural and tasty cat food from Canada’s fertile prairies. If your cat is 1 year onwards, she will benefit from all the fresh natural ingredients Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat food has to offer.

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Eukanuba Cat Adult Hairball Control is chicken and liver flavoured for your cat’s culinary pleasure. While she is enjoying her dinner, this formula containing specific natural fibres helps to get rid of ingested hair through the digestive system instead of forming hairballs.  As much as this diet will satisfy your adult cat over 1 year’s taste, it will...

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For cats preferring lamb to chicken, this formula is a tasty alternative. The essential fatty acids are what a cat’s fur needs to be all soft and shiny. Vitamin E strengthen your cat’s immunity while the taste will surely appeal to your adult cat between 1 and 11 years old. 

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Adult cats need high quality nutrition for a radiant coat. The Vitamin E contained in Eukanuba Cat Adult Top Condition 1+ is a powerful antioxidant that will promote your cat’s natural defences.  The main protein source in this recipe is chicken. Healthy pamper food for you feline pet between 1 and 11 years old. 

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Sterilised cats can tend to gain weight and this Eukanuba Cat Sterilised/Weight control can help your cat get back to a healthy weight and stay there. For adult cats between 1 and 11 years old. 

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Adult cats certainly won’t turn their backs on Hill's Science Plan Feline Chunks in Gravy, and you will find it equally handy.  It’s nothing less than tasty portable freshness in a pouch.  There are 12x 85g pouches in a multipack of chicken and turkey flavoured saucy meat chunks. 

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The new Hill’s stews will have every kitty begging for more. Made with real chicken, and rice. A new taste experience your cat’s will love.

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Your cat will enjoy the new stew from Hill’s Science Plan. A combination of seared tuna and tender carrots in a mouthwatering sauce.

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Hill’s Adult Indoor Cat food formula was exclusively created for cats that have no access to the outdoors. Nutritionally it provides what your cat needs and a plus for the owner is that your cat’s ablution odour is well contained.

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This grain-free dry cat food is complete and balanced and helps to promote good digestion, healthy skin and a shiny coat. High in natural antioxidants, with no artificial flavours or colours

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So Tubby is a bit chubby? A healthy weight can spare him many health problems, so why not switch to Hill’s Feline Adult Perfect Weight with chicken? It will help him get to his ideal weight in no time, and then maintain it.

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Your little kitten is all grown up, she has been sterilised at 6 months, and now she is 12 months old, an adult. She may still act like a naughty little kitten, but her nutritional needs have changed. She is now fully grown and will need the right levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep her strong and healthy in adulthood.

Adult cats are not as busy as they were as a kitten, so their food will need to change to an adult cat diet. Kitten food is too high in energy and this will only make your adult cat overweight. Speak to your vet if you are unsure about the food you need to feed her to ensure all her nutritional needs are met for each of her life stages.

When the time comes, transition her slowly from kitten food to adult food over a period of 5 to 7 days. This will get her used to the new taste and consistency. You can decide whether to start feeding her a kibble or wet food. Either way, she will receive all her nutritional needs if you choose the option your vet suggested.

Some adult cats may suffer from hairballs, allergies or sensitive teeth, and there are scientific foods on the market that specifically addresses these nutritional needs. They make sure your cat is well looked after with the right amount of nutrients.

Feeding  your adult cat a good, quality food will keep her going for years and years, spending everyday with her favourite person, You!