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Adult dog food

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If your adult dog is a fit, healthy and a happy 1 plus-year-old, this is the dog food for him. Acana Classic Canine Prairie Poultry is loaded with nourishing proteins that are delivered fresh to Acana’s kitchens daily.

11.4 kg
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Dogs are not only capable of eating the foods of their ancestors, they actually require it for peak health. Loaded with nourishing protein and omega-3 fatty acids ACANA Wild Coast features sustainable fish, wild-caught off North Vancouver Island’s cold Pacific waters and whisked to our kitchen FRESH and WHOLE, so they’re bursting with goodness and taste.

17 kg
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Acana Heritage Canine Adult Large Breed is a biologically appropriate dog food that is made from fresh regional ingredients. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Large Breed is rich in a variety of fresh whole meats that is suitable for your large breed Adult dog from the age of 18 months.

11.4 kg
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From Canada comes a fresh and preservative-free dog food for small breed dogs over one year. Acana Small Breed adult dog food is made with uncaged chicken and whole eggs. Dogs are natural carnivores and that is why their diet should be rich in good meat. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Small Breed is a premium dry food for small-breed adult dogs with 60% meat...

6 kg
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All breeds in all their different life stages will benefit from Acana’s Heritage Chicken and Greens recipe. The fresh meats and complementary fruit and veggies will keep your pet strong and healthy.

11.4 kg
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Is your adult dog a little on the podgy side?  Yes?  Then Acana Heritage Canine Light and Fit for all adult dogs, is the food for him or her. Get your dog back into shape with this food. Your overweight pooch will benefit from this diet that is rich in protein.

11.4 kg
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Active dogs of all breeds will simply gravitate to Acana’s Sport and Agility dog food formulation. It is both delicious and will sustain Jumper for an active weekend of fun and fly ball. 

11.4 kg
R 1 197 R 1 260

The Pacifica all dog breed formulation is Acana’s offer of fish protein to keep your dog healthy and his body in excellent condition. This specific recipe will contribute to lovely coat and and great skin.

11.4 kg
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All adult dogs of all breeds and all sizes come a little closer. The secret for healthy and delicious nutrition is out: Acana Wild Prairie is a world-class dog food that will have you smack your lips for more. 

11.4 kg
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Acana formulates several dog foods that is suitable for all dog breeds. Acana   Free-Run Duck Dog food has limited ingredients that are biologically appropriate for your best canine friend. Acana Free Run Duck features 50% duck, a single easily digestible animal protein that is perfect for diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages.

11.4 kg
R 1 533 R 1 613

Acana’s range of dog food for all breeds also includes this lamb and apple variant, another biologically appropriate dog food recipe – only the best for your best friend.

11.4 kg
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Acana Singles Pacific Pilchard is a diet for all breeds and life stages and it has limited ingredients for diet sensitive dogs.

340 g
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Adult dog food

What you feed your dogs is key to their overall health. The food your adult dog eats should contain the right balance of nutrients and minerals to keep them healthy. An adult dog’s nutritional requirements are very different to that of a human’s. Poor nutrition can lead to severe health concerns. Feeding your adult dog, a well-balanced dog food ensures that there is no over nourishment or under nourishment. Good nutrition keeps your dog at his peak.

Your dog is considered an adult between the age of 1 and 7 years old. Once your dog reaches the stage of adulthood, it is important to switch away from the puppy food he has been eating to date. Prolonged feeding of the puppy food into adulthood could result in your dog picking up excess weight as the activity and growth levels slow down yet the food is still catering for this. If you have a large breed dog, it is advised to keep him on puppy food until he is 18 months old and then switch him over to a suitable adult dog food.

Pet Hero stocks a wide range of premium and super premium adult dog food options. The various brands and options give you a choice in terms of quality and analytical constituents versus affordability and value for money dog food.

Some adult dogs have developed patterns or conditions that need a little bit of extra attention through their diet. If your dog is a little too chubby, be sure to purchase one of our light or weight loss options of dog food. Other specifics that are catered for range from skin and stomach weaknesses to high performance or working dogs that require a tailored diet due to the nature of their output and activity.

*Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging of the adult dog food that you buy for your dog. Different brands and variations of food may have different feeding amounts and guidelines. If you change your dog’s diet from one adult food to another, it is recommended that you gradually introduce the new food mixed in with his old food until you have completely switched over to a bowl of the new adult dog food only.