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Puppy food

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Acana Heritage Canine Puppy Large breed will suit your puppy that aims to weigh 25 kg or more when fully grown. Large breed puppies should have a diet rich in meat and protein to develop their muscles, yet limited carbohydrates and calories to manage their body weight and to reduce stress on their developing bones and joints. Support your puppy’s...

17 kg
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Acana Heritage Canine Puppy and Junior is a super premium dog food for a special small to medium sized puppy with an adult weight of 9 - 25 kg. The puppy food is ideally formulated for their natural dietary requirements. The puppy food contains increased amounts of protein and smaller amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables. Acana Heritage Canine Puppy and...

2 kg
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Acana Heritage Canine Puppy Small Breed is specially formulated for small breed puppies between 2 - 12 months, that will eventually weigh 9 kg when fully grown. Small breed puppies need a diet to support their rapid physical development and they will therefore benefit from a diet rich in proteins and fats from a diversity of fresh whole meats. Acana...

2 kg
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Large breed puppies need to control and support their growth so you are going to have to help them with this by feeding the correct food. Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed puppy food supports healthy joints that can be stressed by your large breed puppy’s growth and weight. Feed your little big one Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed from 1 to 24 months or adult weight...

15 kg
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Eukanuba Puppy small and medium breed lamb and rice is a great food for puppies with a adult weight of no more than 25kg from the ages 1 to 12 months. Lamb and rice is perfect for puppies that have a sensitivity to chicken or if they prefer Lamb

3 kg
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We know what’s best for Zooty, your Spaniel. Chicken of course, and that is our number one ingredient. Our pet food for medium puppies are suited for dogs up to one year of age, expected to weigh between 11-25kg as an adult.

15 kg
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Did you know that puppies with an expected adult weight under 10kg have a higher metabolism than medium or large breeds? This is why they need higher protein and fat intake in the first 12 months of their lives. Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed fulfills this need.

3 kg
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If you want your puppy to have a great start in life then Hill’s Canine Healthy Development Puppy All Breed Lamb and Rice dry food is what you should be feeding your puppy. The puppy food is a complete food for all breeds of puppies from the age of 2 months to 12 or 24 months.

3 kg
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Puppies, young dogs, pregnant bitches and nursing dogs will all benefit from the content of the 370g can containing Hill’s Canine Healthy Development Puppy Dog food. Not only does it support your dog’s natural defences when she needs it most, it aids growth and optimal development in weaning and older puppies.

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Hill’s Canine Healthy Development Puppy Large breed is for little pups that will weigh more than 25 kg as an adult. The puppy food was developed to cater for their special dietary needs. Feed your puppy on Hill’s Canine Healthy Development Puppy Large breed from the age of 6 - 8 weeks up until they are 12 - 18 months of age.

2.5 kg
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Hill's™ Science Plan™ has a specially formulated dog food for medium puppies that assists in their healthy development. The chicken flavour is clearly a winner as it is easily digested. Your puppy will grow up feeling loved and well looked after.

12 kg
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Your puppy needs the best start in life by getting a  balanced combination of essential nutrients and antioxidants. Hill’s Canine Healthy Development Puppy Mini will provide your little one with the nutrients he needs plus more.

3 kg
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Puppy food

Coming home with a new fluffy puppy can be an exciting time for any household. For your little puppy however, this is the most critical phase in their development and growth, setting the tone for the rest of their life. Giving your new puppy the absolute best puppy food you can afford can go a long way in caring for your dog’s long-term health and physical development.

Your dog is considered a puppy for the first year of his life although for large breed dogs, the puppy period is more like 18 months. During your dog’s puppy phase of life, they have more energy and activity than later in life and they go through an incredible amount of growth which needs to be supplemented by high quality puppy food. Giving your puppy a healthy, balanced diet right from the beginning will assist with factors such as the development of the bones, muscles, organs and immune system. If your puppy has not had high quality nutritious puppy food during this important growth phase, your puppy may land up having problems later in life caused by issues during the developmental and growth phase of his life. Given that dogs age 7 years for every 1 human year, the growth and development your puppy goes through in the first-year results in the equivalent of a primary school child after just one year.

Feeding your puppy, a healthy, balanced diet packed with nutrients and essentials is the best thing you can do for your puppy. Shop our range of premium and super premium puppy food, which has been manufactured with all the specific nutrients and minerals to support your puppy’s growth. Enjoy the journey as your cute little puppy grows into an adult dog.

*Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging of the puppy food that you buy for your dog. Different brands and variations of food may have different feeding amounts and guidelines. If you change your dog’s diet from one puppy food to another, it is recommended that you gradually introduce the new food mixed in with his old food until you have completely switched over to a bowl of the new puppy food only.