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Outward hound produces premium toys, gear & feeders for dogs. Their awesome range of accessories will make your dog’s life delightful.Outward Hound has created the most durable chew toys, plushies and games to keep your pup happy for ages. Their Hide-a-Squirrel soft toy is perfect for dogs who love hunting and finding small creatures, their invincible range of chew and soft toys will keep squeaking even when punctured and the bionic urban stick or ball will prove to be the most durable toy you’ve ever purchased for your dog.

Outward Hound has also developed a variety of fun treat twisters and puzzles that will keep your dogs engaged and satisfied, these fun games will teach your pups to problem solve in order to get their favourite treat. Outward Hound also has a range of uniquely designed dog bowls to help fast eaters slow down and enjoy a little game to get their food.

The Outward Hound Pupshield Hammock is an incredibly helpful car accessory for dogs, it will keep your dogs safe while they travel with you and even keep your car clean and fur-free. The Outward Hound Life Jacket will make swimming fun and safe for your dog, the high visibility colours, multiple reflective strips, easy-grab handles, quick release buckles and outstanding flotation all make this the best swimming accessory for your dog. It’s durable, quick-dry and super comfortable for all dogs. No matter your dog’s age, size or breed you are bound to find something perfect for your dog from Outward Hound.

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Super Strong, Super Safe and Super Fun. This safe and durable dog toy are made to play hard as your dog does. Your dog will have hours of fun.

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Chuck it through the air. Throw it in the water. Fill it with peanut butter. Rinse and repeat! One of the most unique and versatile throw toys, meet the Urban Stick.

R 259 R 272

This Squeakimal Lip Monster will drive mom nuts but it is music to your little dogs ears. These adorable characters are loaded with noisemakers to keep your little ones engaged.

1 Unit
R 182 R 192

This Squeakimals Monkey will drive mom nuts but it is music to your little dogs ears. These adorable characters are loaded with noisemakers to keep your little ones engaged.

1 Unit
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Some dogs feel that eating has to be a race! Slow them down by 10x with this slow feeder. The slow feeder has ridges and mazes that will make them eat slower and it can be a bit of a game with them.

R 321 R 338

The Fun Feeder Mat makes mealtime longer lasting and fun, fun, fun! This Flexible food safe rubber feed time a playful experience that your dog will love while the nonslip and flip resistant design ensures that furry friends enjoy their food at a fun, healthy pace.

R 163 R 171

Expect loads of fun with the Outward Hound Hedgehogz. They are cute and irresistable.

R 139 R 146

Your pooch will have fun chasing these loveable squirrels. As you know your pooch loves to chase the squirrels at the park.  He can at home, with this cute Hide - A - Squirrel

1 Unit
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The Invincible Tough Seamz is designed to play as hard as your dog does!  

R 201 R 212

3 CHAMBERS OF JACKPOT TREAT-WINNING FUN!  Do you feel lucky, pup? Well, do ya? This treat-dispensing slot machine-style game features a kibble-releasing paw press and 3 chambers of jackpot treat-winning fun! When pups push down the paw press treat releaser, Lucky Dog Slots™ makes it rain goodies! Fill up with your favourite treats or kibbles, and bring...

1 Unit
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Keeps pups safe while protecting your seats

1 Unit
R 541 R 570

Summer is here and it is time to think of water safety for your pooches.

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