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PRO PAC Ultimates – Heartland Choice is a fresh approach to grain-free super premium nutrition.

12 kg
R 830 R 874

The growth cycle of a giant dog is very sensitive and needs careful control. Dogs who will weigh more than 45 kg in adulthood have different and very specific nutritional needs as they grow. Royal Canin specially formulated a kibble targeted at the giant junior between 8 months and 18 - 24 months old. The formula is adapted to suit their growth at this...

15 kg
R 877 R 923

If your furry friend is 7 years and older, Vets Choice Golden Years is the dog food he or she needs.  Vets Choice Golden Years is a tasty, highly nutritious and a very digestible diet for all breeds. Vets Choice is the answer for owners who want the best for their furry friend.

20 kg
R 798 R 840

A complete, balanced, delicious and highly digestible food for puppies of medium to very large dog breeds.

25 kg
R 459 R 483

The Royal Canin Breed Health nutrition range caters to the precise nutritional solutions, adapted to the specific needs and breeds of cats & dogs. Specially for adult and mature Chihuahuas - Over 8 months old

12 Pouches
R 152 R 160

Your Yorkie deserves the best and Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult is the ideal nutrition for any Yorkie older than 10 months.

7.5 kg
R 621 R 653

Now even your choosy little Choochoo will have something to smile about once the dinner bell rings. Mini Exigent is a specialised kibble for fussy dogs up to 10kg.

2 kg
R 249 R 262

Hill's Canine Performance Dog Food is a special formulation indeed. Not only does it cater for adult working dogs (like hunting or sledging dogs with high energy needs) between 1 and 6 years old, but it is also great for choosy dogs, or even dogs that get nervous or stressed easily.

12 kg
R 823 R 867

Older dogs are less active and they have slower metabolisms. It could result in unwanted weight gain. They need specific nutrition to keep their teeth, joints and organs healthy.

25 kg
R 435 R 458

SuperVet Large Breed Puppy is specially formulated for the Large breed puppy. The Ca/P ratio (Calcium Phosphorus) is reduced for a slow and steady growth.

20 kg
R 703 R 740

Hill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality has been scientifically developed to work with your adult 7+ aged dog’s biology. This breakthrough and proprietary recipe with fatty acids and antioxidants including vitamins C + E helps fight the effects of aging at a cellular level.

2.5 kg
R 248 R 261

Look after your Miniature Schnauzer puppy’s special coat and sensitive skin with a complete diet full of good vitamins and those essential fatty acids that work within the skin to protect and strengthen it. Buy Royal Canin Miniature Schnauzer Junior for your puppy of up to 10 months old. 

1.5 kg
R 174 R 183

A natural pet supplement with Sutherlandia A blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated to nutritionally maintain a healthy skin and coat. Use this if your pet:has dry, itchy skin is recovering from illness is often in contact with other animals eg: at kennels or shows

200 g
R 162 R 171

Adaptil Spray is a convenient way to make travels to the vet or grooming parlour easier on you and your pooches. A quick spray is all you need.

60 ml
R 465 R 489

Pedigree Puppy Denta Tubo chew Treats are tasty puppy treats that are rich in calcium and are specially designed for puppies. The treat has a unique shape and texture making them kind to your puppy’s teeth and gums, unlike the table leg or your favourite pair of shoes.

1 Unit
R 20 R 21

Is your dog suffering from a Degenerative Joint disease? GCS Joint Care Advanced Chews for Dogs is a tasty supplement for your furry friends with painful joints.  This highly palatable beef flavoured chew is a treat that treats ageing cartilage and signs of joint degeneration.

60 Chews
R 657 R 691

Sunfree is a high protection moisturising sun care (SPF30+). Use on sun-sensitive areas, like the tips of your pet’s ears.

30 ml
R 235 R 247

This FRONTLINE formulation is specifically effective for the control of fleas and ticks in medium breeds of between 10 and 20kg. If your best friend is suffering from a flea or tick infestation, apply frontline monthly

1 Pipette
R 91 R 96

Frontline Spray for cats and dogs is a fast acting, long lasting, waterproof treatment and control of fleas, ticks and lice for adult dogs and cats and puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age.

500 ml
R 555 R 584

A natural product formulated to reduce flatulence and faecal odour in dogs.

250 g
R 126

TropiClean Awapuhi & Coconut Pet Shampoo takes your pet’s coat to whiter and brighter heights.

355 ml
R 186 R 196

GCS JOINT CARE ADVANCED XL Powder is a proprietary blend of 6 active ingredients which works together to support joint health in dog.

250 g
R 315 R 331

Orovet Oral Rinse contains Chlorhexidine, which is the most potent antiseptic in oral hygiene. It is a highly effective chemical agent for the prevention and reduction of plaque accumulation and gingivitis in cats and dogs.

250 ml
R 125

A calming release of pheromones to temporarily reduce stress and calm your dogs.

1 Unit
R 241 R 254

Easy-to-use, colourful, non-woven, latex-free bandages. Maintains its flexibility to provide superior fit and comfort. Used in dogs and cats for support of sprains and strains, post-operative on legs or as a belly wrap), for securing dressings or as a pressure bandage to promote healing. Water Resistant and hypoallergenic.

R 29 R 31

Identification on your pet is a must in case you and your pet are separated, you can easily be contacted. Try the Rogz Instant ID Tagz, it is quick ‘n easy. No engraving needed. No rattling and are corrosion free.They are also waterproof.

R 42 R 44

Technologically advanced, yet simple to operate, the Microchip Pet door reads your pets microchip to allow entry to your home, without the need of a collar.

1 Unit
R 2 301 R 2 422

Here is a fun and colourful toy that will bring out the wild side of any kitty.

1 Unit
R 129 R 136

Specially developed for the largest cats or small dogs up to a shoulder height of 360mm. A secure, double point 4 Way locking mechanism gives complete control of your pets movement. Self lining to 50mm - ideal for all doors and thin panels.

1 Unit
R 828 R 871

Give your cats an acceptable place to fulfill their scratching needs  Scratching is a natural behaviour and territorial instinct. Cat’s scratch to mark their domain, hone their claws, stretch muscles and relieve stress, as well as play and have fun. There is no point fighting it, so provide your cat with a healthy alternative.

1 Unit
R 203 R 214

Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover Cat eliminates all types of organic stains including those caused by urine, faeces, blood, vomit, hairballs, dirt and grass.

750 ml
R 136 R 144

Give your cat more freedom or control to access your home with the 4 way locking Deluxe Cat and small dog Flap.  The door can be set to open, close, in only or out only.

1 Unit
R 557 R 586

Make dinnertime easy on you and your cat.  McMac Tasty Feeders is a smartly designed food and water dispenser and is easy to refill.

R 203 R 214

Keep clothes lint, fuzz and hair free. Use on pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, formal wear and more. The Sticky Experts - the only one with Scotch Brand adhesive.

1 Unit
R 111 R 117

The zaBird offers easy, interchangeable attachments. zaBird Guinea Fowl refill is the original refill for the zaBird Rod.

R 73 R 77

Keep your cat’s bad behaviour at bay with a NurtureCalm Pheromone Collar. It will manage your cat’s behaviour for 30 days without any long-term side effects.  

1 Unit
R 331 R 348

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