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Not roast beef today, but rather spare rib? Why not? ProBono biscuits have many flavours to choose from and your little carnivore will appreciate a different meaty taste treat every day of the week. 

1 kg
R 52 R 54

Chihuahua’s can be fussy, no doubt about it. You don’t need to struggle through every meal – just feed her Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult for mature dogs over 8 months of age. 

3 kg
R 305 R 322

Dogs are not only capable of eating the foods of their ancestors, they actually require it for peak health. Loaded with nourishing protein and omega-3 fatty acids ACANA Wild Coast features sustainable fish, wild-caught off North Vancouver Island’s cold Pacific waters and whisked to our kitchen FRESH and WHOLE, so they’re bursting with goodness and taste.

17 kg
R 1 557 R 1 639

Yorkies, cute yet feisty, are definite rulers of the roosts they inhabit. With a tendency to be picky eaters and their beautiful, hair-like coats needing a little extra care, Royal Canin wet Yorkie food is super-tasty and has special ingredients to care for their delicate digestive systems, skin and coat. A great wet option to compliment Yorkshire Terrier...

12 Pouches
R 151 R 159

The healthy, natural dental munch for dogs from a whole new brand of fun products. Available in: Small (pack of 4), large and xlarge

R 30 R 32

If Manfred your medium breed adult dog is into wet food, hey, he’s not a weirdo, he’s just an enthusiastic Hill's Science Plan Advanced Fitness Medium dog food fan. And you know what, that’s totally cool, ‘cause this can of goodness constitutes a complete and balanced meal for adult dogs younger than 7 years.

R 31 R 32

All dogs are different and their needs are different. If your furbaby is between 1 year + and has a sensitive skin then Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive skin will help him or her look fabulous and feel terrific again.

12 kg
R 932 R 981

Weruva's canned wet foods take into account that your dog is a carnivore by nature – it needs good quality protein and not a lot of carbs. 

156 g
R 37 R 39

Older dogs are less active and they have slower metabolisms. It could result in unwanted weight gain. They need specific nutrition to keep their teeth, joints and organs healthy.

25 kg
R 435 R 458

A delicious complement to dry dog food. A little sauce goes a long way to make a nutritious and extra delicious meal.

500 ml
R 32 R 34

The Pacifica all dog breed formulation is Acana’s offer of fish protein to keep your dog healthy and his body in excellent condition. This specific recipe will contribute to lovely coat and and great skin.

11.4 kg
R 1 461 R 1 538

Is your adult dog a little on the podgy side?  Yes?  Then Acana Heritage Canine Light and Fit for all adult dogs, is the food for him or her. Get your dog back into shape with this food. Your overweight pooch will benefit from this diet that is rich in protein.

11.4 kg
R 1 173 R 1 235

A safe, easy and gentle way to clean your pets ears.

1 Unit
R 89 R 94

A complete, all-in-one vitamin, mineral and protein supplement for dogs that contains real liver – very delicious!

250 g
R 118 R 125

Is your pet showing signs of old age? Try Gerivet granules – it is a potent supplement guarding your pet against the symptoms of old age. 

250 g
R 167 R 176

Nutricalm is a natural remedy for nervous and anxious dogs and cats and can also be used for horses. It is an essential amino acid blend highly effective for mild shock, anxiety, sleeplessness, sound phobias, car and air travel and eating disorders. It is also a natural painkiller and can be used for senility and behavioural disorders.

100 Tablets
R 660

Oral care is about more than making your pets’ smiles sparkle—it’s an important component of their overall health.

59 ml
R 200 R 210

You can prevent any form of invertebrate parasite sucking the joy from Ice Cream, your medium breed dog, with one application of Revolution. It is a topical medicine that will last one month.

3 Pipettes
R 379 R 399

Efazol has helped thousands of dogs with itchy skin. Efazol is a nutritional supplement for skin conditions containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids with added Zinc, Biotin and Vitamin A.

250 ml
R 281

A medium sized (11-25kg) bitch carrying unborn puppies has a great energy demand to fulfil the nutritional needs of her unborn litter. After birth, she needs to lactate and the demand does not subside. Buy her Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother and Babydog food. This is a complete balanced diet with all the added energy and proteins she will need during...

4 kg
R 379 R 399

Eco-lungs gives relief in the control of lower airway disease and other lung problems.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

Treat and prevent fleas and ticks on your giant dog weighing up to 60kg. One application protects your dog for a full month.

1 Pipette
R 986 R 1 038

Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy with beef flavour was formulated for calming stressed, anxious and problem dogs.

400 ml
R 152 R 160

Two-in-one: Shoo-fly Ointment is not only a fly repellent, it also serves as a sunscreen protecting your dog from the harsh rays of our sun. 

50 g
R 78 R 82

Made from sublimated webbing that is pliable and soft, this harness and lead combo is perfect for those kitties who like to branch out on the wild side.

8 mm
R 114 R 120

Allercalm is a shampoo that is designed for the routine hygiene in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with sensitive and dry skin. It is a gentle, soap-free, natural oatmeal shampoo.

250 ml
R 266 R 280

25% of all adult cats are overweight. If Twinkles has a tendency to accumulate some fat and is between 1 and 7 years old, then Royal Canin Feline Light Weight Care will most certainly satisfy her appetite while reducing her calorie intake to shake of that unwanted weight. 

3.5 kg
R 390 R 410

Every bite of Montego Classic for adult cats is a bite of delight. Montego Classic for adult cats is perfectly balanced, thoroughly satisfying and highly digestible nutrition for your pets. Most cats are active and inquisitive and therefore their diet should contain a mix of fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids to support their lifestyle....

25 kg
R 851 R 896

The 40 Winks Tweed and Plush Round Cat and Dog Bed, is perfect for any small furry pet that loves the comfort of an all-around soft cosy bed. The 40 Winks Tweed and Plush Round bed is a cute tweed bed with soft luxury plush inner. Suitable for cats and small dogs. Stylish and modern for today's home and is machine washable at 30°C. Tweed & Plush Round bed...

R 446 R 469

Ideal BalanceTM Kitten No Grain with Chicken & Potato is a complete pet food for kittens up to 1-year-old made with natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and with no grains.

1.5 kg
R 208 R 219

In case your newborn or very young kitten is in need of a milk replacement, nothing could be closer to natural cat’s milk than Royal Canin Babycat milk. It could happen that Mother Cat refuses to nurse, or that she fails to provide sufficient milk due to the high demands of a large litter. Babycat milk will give you complete peace of mind – it provides...

300 g
R 234 R 246

Feed your cat when you’re not at home with this 2-meal pet feeder.  This item may take up to a week for delivery.

1 Unit
R 623 R 656

The Kong Zoom Groom for cats will massage and brush at the same time. The flexible rubber brush fits snuggly in your hand and it gives a good grip when it is wet.  The Flexible Zoom Groom will help you groom and bathe your moggie gently and quickly.

1 Unit
R 161 R 170

There will always be a little mishap with your dog. Either a torn nail,  a scratch on the nose or a little insect sting.  Pet Hero has made sure that you have a basic first aid kit for your pets in your household.

1 Unit
R 411 R 433

With Fresh Breath Oral care Water Additive Plus Skin & Coat, dogs and cats can benefit from daily plaque and tartar defense, simply by drinking from their water bowl. Plus, glucosamine promotes healthy hips and joints.

473 ml
R 240 R 253

Ensure your Missy has a healthy litter. Colostrum is the very first food of life, it protects and rejuvenates.

30 g
R 199 R 210

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