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Eukanuba Adult working and Endurance dry dog food is for performance dogs, working dogs, dogs that are underweight or for pregnant and lactating bitches. All these dogs have one thing in common, they need energy and lots of it. Eukanuba Adult Working and Endurance dog food gives your athletic and active dogs the right energy so they can perform their best...

R 938 R 988

New by Montego is the Field and Forest dog food.  Made with high quality ingredients and no grain. Field + Forest All breed Adult Salmon and Tuna is made with delicate salmon and tuna, a side of grated butternut, sliced orange and a touch of ground rosemary.

R 201 R 212

ProBono’s Light dog biscuits are effective treats for dogs who love a tasty snack, but needs to keep their body fat in check. 

R 52 R 54

Now even your choosy little Choochoo will have something to smile about once the dinner bell rings. Mini Exigent is a specialised kibble for fussy dogs up to 10kg.

R 249 R 262

A nutritious sauce for extra delicious meals

R 32 R 34

From Canada comes a fresh and preservative-free dog food for small breed dogs over one year. Acana Small Breed adult dog food is made with uncaged chicken and whole eggs. Dogs are natural carnivores and that is why their diet should be rich in good meat. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Small Breed is a premium dry food for small-breed adult dogs with a 60%...

R 718 R 756

Hill's™ Science Plan™ has a specially formulated dog food for medium puppies that assists in their healthy development. The chicken flavour is clearly a winner as it is easily digested. Your puppy will grow up feeling loved and well looked after.

R 670 R 705

Beefy Chewies, Moreish Beef Chewies is an irresistible and nutritional snack that can’t but give your dog a wagging tail. It’s the perfect supplement to any Montego diet.

R 15 R 16

There are six types of authentic Canadian fresh fish in this dog food diet sure to be biologically suited to your dog’s carnivorous needs. 

R 76 R 80

Eukanuba recommends its Adult Small Breed Weight Control for small dogs between 1 and 7 years old such as Yorkshires, Maltese, Bulldogs and Pugs that easily put on weight. The Weight Control formula contains 40% less fat than Eukanuba’s regular recipes for active small breeds.  

R 269 R 283

A Hypo-Allergenic dog food that is perfectly balanced and made with natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals and amino acids. NO GRAIN

R 239 R 251

What’s imperative for Lacey, your Labrador Retriever, is healthy bone structure development and harmonious weight gain in the first 15 months of its life. Buy Royal Cain Labrador Retriever Junior to find a tailor-made breed specific food for puppies from 2 to 15 months.

R 910 R 958

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Pet Shampoo with Omega 3 & 6 nourishes their skin to effectively reduce shedding and provide a deep refreshing clean.

R 186 R 196

Pet Tabs Forte are supplementary tablets for general health. They are in convenient tablet form and will help recovery after injury or sickness. 

120 Tablets
R 146 R 153

The bitter tasting solution will discourage your pet to chew, lick or bit any item treated with Avert. This includes bandages, dressings, open wounds, or household items like shoes and furniture.

R 130 R 137

TropiClean Gentle Coconut Pet Shampoo is mild enough for puppies, kittens and pets with allergies.

R 186 R 196

Seresto Collar for Large dogs provides long-lasting flea and tick protection for dogs over 8kg and older than 7 weeks. 

1 Unit
R 761 R 802

The Kyron Pet Nurser Kit is perfect for feeding those little orphaned kittens and puppies.

1 Unit
R 70 R 74

Should your dog or cat suffer from superficial dermatitis – meaning a bacterial and/or fungal skin infection – buy Pyoderm Shampoo. 

R 261 R 275

There will always be a little mishap with your dog. Either a torn nail,  a scratch on the nose or a little insect sting.  Pet Hero has made sure that you have a basic first aid kit for your pets in your household.

1 Unit
R 411 R 433

FRONTLINE TRI-ACT – Fleas and Ticks Spot-on for Dogs Frontline Tri-Act Spot-on solution is a 3 in 1 pest repellent, treats and prevents in a single dose ticks , fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies. Frontline Tri-Act is effective for 4 weeks. DO NOT USE ON CATS AND RABBITS

R 76 R 80

Eco-lame is used for early lameness therapy prior to a definite diagnosis been available.  Please consult your vet first before using this product.

R 202 R 213

Highly palatable salmon flavoured gel. Either pump onto food or directly onto your cat’s paw and let him do the rest

R 245 R 258

Novartis is very proud of its non-pesticidal flea-terminating Capstar. It is fast acting and suitable for smaller dogs. 

6 Tablets
R 179 R 188

FURminator deShedding Waterless Spray. Hypoallergenic fur care for a healthy skin and reduced shedding. No rinsing.Recommended by vets and professional dog groomers. 

R 143 R 151

Eco-Vet Eco-Anaemia is a herbal remedy for your pet that may need a little boost after damaged red blood cells.

R 202 R 213

Catnip potency is at its strongest during the flowering season. That is why Super Catnip Spray is made from a filtered extract of leaves and flowers to ensure a quality productUses - Spray on cat toys, scratching posts, bedding and other objects, or may be used at shows to make your cat less anxious.Super Catnip is beneficial to sedentary cats, or those...

R 53 R 56

Pet Dent® Oral Gel will help promote better gum and mouth health and ward off bad breath in cats and dogs. The gel tastes of malt.

R 64 R 68

Hill's™ Science Plan™ Feline Adult Optimal Care™ with Tuna is your cat’s gateway to optimal fitness. Suitable for cats between 1 and 7 years old.

R 699 R 735

Your cats are going to love it! Bella is very particular about the bed she sleeps in. Afterall, she is a princess. Only the best will do – ROGZ Cat Snug podz. Try them and you’ll never look elsewhere.

R 241 R 254

Scratching is a natural behaviour and territorial instinct. Cat’s scratch to mark their domain, hone their claws, stretch muscles and relieve stress, as well as play and have fun. There is no point fighting it. So provide your cat with a healthy alternative.

1 Unit
R 276 R 290

First aid in a bottle.  Eco-vet Heal will control, fever, inflammation, swelling and many more

R 202 R 213

Give your cat an Omega-3 boost with the Mack & Jack cat can containing mackerel and skipjack tuna. 

R 25 R 26

KiddyCat is made from sublimation printing directly onto snagfree 100% polyester colourful webbing.

One Size
R 61 R 64

Delicious french cuisine for your furry feline friend. Even your pickiest of feline will not turn up the furry noses at this one.

R 28 R 29

When your cat chooses a place to use as a toilet their reasoning is a balance of convenience, cleanliness, somewhere unlikely to be disturbed and somewhere away from the other areas that are already allocated for eating, socialising, relaxing or some other activity.

1 Unit
R 251 R 265

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