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A little sauce goes a long way to make nutritious meals, extra delicious meals.

500 ml
R 32 R 34

Your small breed companion can stay at your side for 13 to 16 years with the correct nutrition as armour against illness and old age. The right diet starts when your Yorkie is still very young – as a puppy he needs the best possible food for his short and very intensive growing period. Royal Canin Mini Junior is a perfect choice for small breed puppies of...

2 kg
R 195 R 206

From Canada comes a fresh and preservative-free dog food for small breed dogs over one year. Acana Small Breed adult dog food is made with uncaged chicken and whole eggs. Dogs are natural carnivores and that is why their diet should be rich in good meat. Acana Heritage Canine Adult Small Breed is a premium dry food for small-breed adult dogs with 60% meat...

6 kg
R 718 R 756

If your adult dog is a fit, healthy and a happy 1 plus-year-old, this is the dog food for him. Acana Classic Canine Prairie Poultry is loaded with nourishing proteins that are delivered fresh to Acana’s kitchens daily.

11.4 kg
R 910 R 958

Here’s a can of wet food for dogs with gourmet taste that can do with some weight shedding. Of course Atilla loves a tender, juicy meal and that’s also why he gains too much weight. Hill's Light Adult with chicken is a lower calorie dog food for adult dogs that need to get back into shape. 

R 32 R 33

Active dogs of all breeds will simply gravitate to Acana’s Sport and Agility dog food formulation. It is both delicious and will sustain Jumper for an active weekend of fun and fly ball. 

11.4 kg
R 1 197 R 1 260

Here is a daily dog treat lower in calories but still supremely tasteful. Share some love and give your dog a handmade biscuit.

650 g
R 42 R 45

Delicious tender turkey and duck with a side of carrots and cranberries with a touch of oregano. Yum! 

2 kg
R 203 R 214

A nutritious sauce for extra delicious meals

500 ml
R 32 R 34

Bond with your pet by giving your dog a healthy treat. Dogs love treats and people love giving treats.

200 g
R 68 R 71

Royal Canin Beagle Adult is a tailor made nutrition for purebred Beagles. Your Beagle will benefit from this complete breed specific dog food formulated to maintain your beagle's ideal weight. Royal Canin Beagle Adult is a 100% complete, balanced dog food for your adult beagle starting from the age of 1 year.

12 kg
R 889 R 936

Dachshund puppies of up to 10 months need nothing more than Royal Canin Dachshund Junior for optimal development and growth. It serves as a complete diet. 

1.5 kg
R 174 R 183

Snuffles, abscess and sinuses are signs of respiratory infections. Eco-snuff is the answer to these problems.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

Bravecto for Large dogs (1000mg) is a quick and easy chew used for tick and flea treatment. The treatment will start protecting your dog from 2 hours after chewing and will keep protecting for up to 12 weeks.  Bravecto for large dogs is only for large breeds with a healthy adult weight of 20 kg to 40kg. It is safe for puppies from the age of 8 weeks....

1 Tablet
R 435 R 458

Bossy, your dog, has stiff joints. GCS-dog is a nutritional supplement for dogs with sore joints – it can’t get easier than this to bring Bossy relief. 

150 g
R 418 R 441

Is your pet struggling to get up or climb the stairs? Mobiflex is a powdered mobility supplement suitable for dogs and cats. 

250 g
R 238 R 250

Don’t worry, this liquid supplement is palatable and sure to help your family dog manage inflammation on the skin. 

750 ml
R 361 R 380

A longer toothbrush for a larger jaw will go a long way in promoting good oral health.

1 Unit
R 30 R 32

Seresto Collar for Large dogs provides long-lasting flea and tick protection for dogs over 8kg and older than 7 weeks. 

1 Unit
R 801 R 843

Large dogs in need of a good broad-spectrum endectocide, can trust Revolution. Pet Hero recommends it to get rid of parasites.

3 Pipettes
R 411 R 433

Eco-scratch is ideal for dry, scratchy skin.

50 ml
R 216 R 228

A tick and flea killer in the form of a beef-flavoured chew, from the makers of Frontline Plus.

1 Chew Tablet
R 87 R 92

Advantix specifically for small breeds contains 100 mg imidacloprid and 500 mg permethrin to get rid of bothersome bugs like ticks, flies, fleas and biting lice. Suitable for puppies 7 weeks and up weighing more than 4kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 495 R 521

A calming release of pheromones to temporarily reduce stress and calm your dogs.

1 Unit
R 219 R 231

Help contain the bacteria in your small pet’s mouth with Pet Dent malt-flavoured toothpaste. Formulated for cats and dogs.

60 g
R 59 R 62

A fantastic indoor or outdoor portable pet home that is great for travelling. The carrier has four sides of mesh, so your pet cat or dog can see what is happening around them. The Carrier is easy to store and quick and easy to set up.

R 794 R 836

Natura Dumbbell Cat Toys is perfect for getting your cat on the move, this cat toy keeps them entertained and provides them with loads of fun. These kitty dumbbells are infused with catnip and rattling seeds and covered with coarse raffia string which is a material that cats love to dig their nails into.

1 Unit
R 74 R 78

Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance Free Shampoo for Pets is specially formulated for pets with sensitive skin and skin allergies to take care of your pet’s skin when giving them a nice needed bath without causing any damage. 

472 ml
R 257 R 270

Ticks and fleas are not choosy. Not only dogs are prone to tick and flea infestations. Cats are equally pestered by these little buggers. Invest in Frontline Plus for Cats – it is trusted by thousands of South African households. FRONTLINE Plus for Cats is an effective way of controlling flea and tick infestations on cats.

1 Pipette
R 76 R 80

Your Kitty Soft Paws is now 10 weeks old and ready to get his first Seresto collar that will prevent ticks and fleas for up to 8 months. 

1 Unit
R 561 R 591

A sweet scent of lavender fills the air, every time your cat uses its loo.

2.3 kg
R 110 R 116

A extra collar and magnet for the Staywell Magnetic Deluxe Cat Flap

1 Unit
R 125 R 131

Royal Canin describes their Feline Instinctive Chunks as a health diet in a freshness pouch – with some gravy for a taste sensation. The juicy chunks are often preferred to dry kibbles and you are welcome to sustain your young adult cat’s wet food eating habit with these pouches full of goodness. For cats between 1 and 7 years old. 

12 Pouches
R 153 R 161

Spare your puppy or kitten the discomfort of being host to a parasite. Apply Revolution, it is a broad-spectrum medicine that will come to your young pet’s rescue.

3 Pipettes
R 258 R 272

Pets, like humans, are healthier when their water intake is frequent. A drinking fountain with free-falling water will entice your pet to drink more. Especially cats that tend to suffer from urinary infections will benefit from more water.  This item may take up to a week for delivery.

1 Unit
R 1 150 R 1 211

Laxapet is a laxative gel suitable for the use in cats and dogs. It helps with hairball constipation and general digestive movement.

50 g
R 56 R 59

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