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We are all about giving your pets the best care. In most cases that goes beyond just the products you give your pets and information about their lifestyle, habits, seasonal trends, common ailments as well as tricks and advice can add a lot of value to the love and care you provide for your four legged family member.

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  • Heat-stroke - How to recognise it, treat it and prevent it

    Even very fit, athletic dogs and cats can suffer heat-related illnesses during the sizzling days of summer. Pets with compromised health are even at greater risk. Heat-stroke can be prevented by taking caution not to expose a pet to overly hot and humid conditions. This is especially applicable to flat-faced dog breeds (e.g., the Pug, Bulldog, Pekingese) that suffer from Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. Also, when traveling with your


  • Hot Spots - What are hot spots and how to treat it

    Perhaps you’ve just been to the vet and been told your pup is suffering from a hot spot. Or maybe you think she has a hot spot, but you aren’t sure. Either way, read more on what hot spots are, what causes them, and what the common treatments are for them.


  • Anti-Aging Exercises For Your Senior Pet

    All pets age, just like we do. Unfortunately they don't live as long as humans do and we dread that day. By keeping your pet fit and stimulated, you could possibly help to have him live a little longer. Anti-aging exercises help your older pet to stay fit and more flexible, but most importantly it helps to relieve pain. Give it a go.


  • Spring Allergic Conditions in Cats

    Cats also suffer from allergies in spring, but not in the same way as dogs who have most of their allergies on their skin. Cats are a bit more like humans when it comes to allergies, with sneezing, weepy eyes, itchy ears and red spots. Cats are not complainers and will not come to you when they are uncomfortable. Keep your eyes open and if you notice any changes in your feline go to the vet and help out your poor pet.