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We are all about giving your pets the best care. In most cases that goes beyond just the products you give your pets and information about their lifestyle, habits, seasonal trends, common ailments as well as tricks and advice can add a lot of value to the love and care you provide for your four legged family member.

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  • Why adopt - Helpful tips when adopting

    Many people would rather buy a puppy without thinking about the poor abandoned pets out there. There are thousands of fur babies waiting for a home to call their own. There are so many benefits from adopting a pet rather than buying one from a puppy mill or a pet shop. Read more on: Why adopt a pet - Helpful tips when adopting.


  • What to look out for when changing your pet's diet - How to change your pet’s food

    Changing your pet’s food is not as easy as it sounds, especially if your pet has a sensitive tummy or is a very fussy dog. The process of changing your pet’s food should take about a week. Always keep a good eye on your pet and consult your vet before changing the diet. Read more on how to change your pet’s food the right way


  • Budget - How to own a pet on a budget

    For thousands and thousands of years people have had domestic animals simply for companionship, but they quickly became a true best friend. Pets are amazing to have, but can become very expensive. If you are not careful, it can quickly make a dent in your pocket. If you are thinking of bringing a cat or dog into your family and are concerned about the cost, here are some tips to limit the expenses


  • Christmas - Why your pets love it

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and your pets love it just as much! Why? Well, they get to spend time with you, plus there is so many exciting things happening around them. Read more as why your pets love Christmas