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We are all about giving your pets the best care. In most cases that goes beyond just the products you give your pets and information about their lifestyle, habits, seasonal trends, common ailments as well as tricks and advice can add a lot of value to the love and care you provide for your four legged family member.

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  • Breed all about it - Savannah Cat

    The Savannah cat, a true beauty! The Savannah cat may originate from America, but it has the wild side of Africa. Crossed with the African Serval cat and a Domestic cat in 1986, the Savannah is still a new breed. The Savannah has the markings of a miniature wild cat and is gorgeous to look at. Read more about this wild domestic cat


  • Heroic Pets - Not just a furry friend, but a hero too!

    Another awesome Heroic Pets blog! These pets love their best friends so much that they were willing to risk their own lives to save their human friend from these terrible tragedies. Read these amazing heroic pet stories and you’ll see how many animals are true little heroes.


  • Kennel Cough - Symptoms

    What is Kennel cough? Many people don’t know what Kennel cough is and what the causes and symptoms are. Kennel cough is an infection of the upper respiratory tract which is very common in dogs that are boarding or have come from shelters. Kennel cough is viral and bacterial at the same time. Read more on Kennel cough so you can know what the causes and symptoms are:


  • Breed all about it - Miniature Schnauzer

    Now here is a dog that has just about everything in one small package! The Miniature Schnauzer is a temperamental, affectionate, extroverted, intelligent and humorous little dog. It’s guaranteed that you will never be bored. Read more about this gorgeous mustached dog: