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All the goodness of natural chicken and brown rice is contained in Hill’s Ideal Balance Canine Adult for medium breed dogs in the first stage of their adulthood, up to 6 years old.

R 977 R 1 028

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever is a complete balanced diet recommended for adult Labrador Retrievers older than 15 months

R 874 R 920

Montego Karoo Adult dog food is scientifically formulated, it is an ultra premium dog food that caters for the advanced needs of your adult dog between the ages of 1 and 6 years.

R 593 R 625

Puppies have different dietary needs than adult dogs. They have a high energy intake to help them grow and develop. OPTI-WOOF is a high quality, balanced puppy food.  

R 257 R 270

Eukanuba Adult working and Endurance dry dog food is for performance dogs, working dogs, dogs that are underweight or for pregnant and lactating bitches. All these dogs have one thing in common, they need energy and lots of it. Eukanuba Adult Working and Endurance dog food gives your athletic and active dogs the right energy so they can perform their best...

R 922 R 970

A delicious complement to dry dog food. A little sauce goes a long way to make a nutritious and extra delicious meal.

R 30 R 32

If you would like your Large Breed Adult dog to keep their joints healthy, their coat shiny, to have a healthy digestion and to keep their weight under control, then Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Maintenance dog food will do it all, plus more for your Bestie. Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Maintenance dog food is for adult dogs weighing 25kg plus from the age of...

R 913 R 961

If your German Shepherd is over 12 months of age, Eukanuba German Shepherd Adult dog food will give your GSD (German Shepherd Dog) the proper nutrition he needs.  Eukanuba Breed Specific German Shepherd dog food will reduce tartar build up on the teeth and it has high-quality proteins, a specialised fibre system and optimal levels of Omega-6 and 3 fatty...

R 838 R 882

To ensure healthy, happy dogs, give your puppies the right nutrition right from the start. SuperVet Puppy is an affordable premium Veterinary food that is available through us directly from the Vet.

R 291 R 306

Eukanuba Breed Specific Dachshund is formulated for compactly built, well balanced and muscular breeds like the Dachshund, Welsh Corgis, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Australian Terrier, Skye Terrier, Petit Basset Griffon older than one year. These dogs make good hunters, trackers and watch dogs and they are lively and active with specific nutrient needs. 

R 226 R 238

Small breed dogs typically have a longer life expectancy than large breed dogs. Signs of ageing can set in at around 12 years of age. This is when Fifi needs different nutritional support. Royal Canin Mini Ageing +12 will help her age with grace.

R 196 R 206

Orijen makes a dog food for all senior dogs in their late maturity that is appropriate for their bodies and health. It takes into account the nourishment an older dog needs to stay in great condition. 

R 75 R 79

Advocate is a broad spectrum treatment to get rid of a number of nasty parasites in and on your large breed dog weighing between 25kg and 40kg.

3 Pipettes
R 547 R 576

This FRONTLINE formulation is specifically effective for the control of fleas and ticks in medium breeds of between 10 and 20kg. If your best friend is suffering from a flea or tick infestation, apply frontline monthly

3 Pipettes
R 273 R 287

F10 Germicidal Treatment Shampoo is a broad spectrum application to get rid of ringworm and other superficial bacterial infections. 

R 123 R 130

Advantix specifically for medium breeds contains 100mg imidacloprid and 500mg permethrin to get rid of bothersome bugs like ticks, flies, fleas and biting lice. Suitable for puppies 7 weeks and up weighing more than 4kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 466 R 490

Shoo-Fly can be sprayed onto horses and dogs to repel any biting flies and do away with their annoying buzz. 

R 195 R 205

Eco-scratch is ideal for dry, scratchy skin.

R 200 R 211

Help prevent doggie breath, infected teeth and gingivitis with Pet Dent Finger brush. Simply apply Pet Dent Toothpaste or gel onto the finger brush and brush your pet’s teeth.

1 Unit
R 30 R 31

Protexin is a soluble probiotic powder that promotes healthy living in cats and dogs. 

R 390 R 411

Footsack spray can help you train your dog to modify unwanted or annoying behaviour, like raiding the refuse bins or sleeping on the couch.

R 95 R 100

If Sally (26-44kg) is having babies, Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother and Babydog should be in your shopping basket now. This is a complete, yummy easy-to-eat – even for pregnant bitches with little or no space for food, but who certainly needs those extra calories during gestation and lacation. Also suitable for weaning pups up to 8 weeks.

R 1 010 R 1 064

Calcium Bones is a tasty, milky treat for dogs.  Calcium bones are good for your dog or puppy in many ways.  The treat has added calcium, good for bones and teeth, good as a training aid and your dog will love them, no matter what age your dog is, the chew is soft for the newest to the oldest of teeth.

R 17 R 17

Prevent bugs like fleas and ticks infesting your toy dog weighing between 1.5kg and 4kg. 

4 Pipettes
R 369 R 389

1 if by land, 2 if by sea cat pouch contains wild caught Tuna, salmon and free range beef in a rich savoury gravy. What more can you ask for?

R 25 R 26

Frontline Spray for cats and dogs is a fast acting, long lasting, waterproof treatment and control of fleas, ticks and lice for adult dogs and cats and puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age.

R 550 R 579

With Fresh Breath Oral care Water Additive Plus Skin & Coat, dogs and cats can benefit from daily plaque and tartar defense, simply by drinking from their water bowl. Plus, glucosamine promotes healthy hips and joints.

1 litre
R 438 R 461

It sounds like the ultimate luxury – cat food containing Norwegian salmon and chicken. Well, it does taste luxurious and what’s more, is the fact that it contains so much goodness.

R 256 R 269

Hang this dangling door knob toy from any door and watch your furry friend have loads of fun.

1 Unit
R 88 R 93

Cats spend many hours alone at home and can become very bored and frustrated without adequate stimulation - this can lead to sedentary or obesity or it may lead to destructive behaviour, over grooming or other stress related behaviours. The catnip chaser can avoid all this.

1 Unit
R 152 R 160

Make dinnertime easy on you and your cat.  McMac Tasty Feeders is a smartly designed food and water dispenser and is easy to refill.

R 200 R 210

The Rogz Anchovy Cat Bowl is wide and shallow, making it whisker friendly for your cat. It’s also made of stainless steel and comes with a colourful silicone non-slip base. This item may take up to a week for delivery.

R 82 R 86

Silica gel pearls with a fresh lemon smell

R 102 R 107

Rogz Cat Beltz FancyCat is made from 100% polyester designer jacquard on colourful webbing

One Size
R 69 R 73

Simple solutions Chew Stopper is a foul, bitter tasting spray that can be sprayed onto furniture or any item that is likely to be chewed or damaged.

R 135 R 142

Drinkwell Mini Pet Fountain is a perfect little fountain for your puppy, kitten or a small pet.  1.2 litres of water spouts fresh, filtered water out of the fountain, giving your pet the wonderful taste of fresh, clean water.

1 Unit
R 693 R 730

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