Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain

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Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain keeps your pet’s water fresh and clean. It has a replaceable charcoal filter that removes bad taste and odours and a replaceable foam filter to remove hair and debris from the water. The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain constantly aerates and circulates the water and restricts bacterial growth. Get your pet the practical and functional water fountain and give him what he needs when he needs to hydrate.

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Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain is an excellent pet water source. Cats and dogs love the idea of moving water. To them, it resembles the water supply they would encounter in their natural habitat.

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain is a fun and functional way to keep your pet’s water cool, running, fresh and clean. It is a stylish, entertaining and functional way of providing your pet friend with a good water source to ensure that they stay well hydrated.

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain continuously circulates the water and features a dual filtration system to clean your pet’s water supply sufficiently. A steady stream aerates the water and restricts the growth of bacteria. A carbon filter removes chlorine and fluoride from the water and eliminates taste and odours that might have kept pets from hydrating. The foam filter is fitted to remove hair and debris from the water, keeping it clean for consumption.

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain is made of durable, pet-safe plastic and is suitable for medium and large-sized pets.

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain’s Pump is submersible, which allows for quiet operation. The bottom is dishwasher safe (excluding the pump).

The Drinkingwell Sedona Pet Fountain features a bowl, a tower, an operating guide, a filtering house, charcoal and foam filters, a pump and power adaptor, a rubber cap, and a rubber grommet (pre-installed).

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain measures 25 cm x 31 cm x 13 cm, weighs 1.18 kg, and can hold up to 3 litres.

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Weight 1.18 kg
Shipping dimensions 25 × 31 × 13 cm
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Cat, Dog




Volumetric weight 2.02 kg


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