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The Drinkwell® brand is owned by PetSafe® – the international manufacturer of electronic pet products. Drinkwell® products align pawfectly with PetSafe’s philosophy and approach to pet care. Why drinking fountains? Why not just a regular water bowl?

Drinkwell® fountains offer pets three benefits that regular water bowls just cannot:

  • Circulated water remains fresher for longer; stagnant water is simply incomparable in freshness and taste.
  • The moving water encourages pets to stay hydrated – drinking more water than they normally would from a water bowl.
  • Pet fountains hold more water than standard water bowls, and therefore don’t need to be refilled as often.

Pet fountains – like automatic pet doors, automatic feeders and electronic perimeters – offer pets a level of independence, whether their pet mom or dad is in the immediate vicinity or not.