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Don’t have kittens about your pup or pooch always coming to beg for your attention. Get him the Dog’s Life Space Cat Dog Toy and and he will be happy to share some time spacing out with his new friend.  The Dog’s Life Space Cat Dog Toy is a lovely plush toy with an intriguing squeaker that will keep your doggy happily occupied. This offer only comes around once in a blue moon, so do not be a scaredy cat. Get your fur friend a new best friend – and he will love you to the moon and back. Chances are you will have a bit of breathing space to do what needs to be done.

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Our little dogs and pups may at times be a bit demanding and leave us with a need for some breathing space. Well, the good news is that The Dog’s Life Space Cat Dog Toy is here to engage your little friend into some squeaky play-time-fun that will have him intrigued with interactive play for hours on end. The Dog’s Life Space Cat Dog Toy is a little brown bundle of joy that will take your little pooch on “outer space excursions”, while you can space-out for a while. Whether he is playing cat-and-mouse or taking a cat-nap with his new Dog’s Life Space Cat Dog Toy, he will love him to the moon and back.  And when you see him nuzzling, snuggling, and cuddling up next to his new friend, know that they are having some big conversations going on in that space bubble, only they can understand.

Soon he might look like something that the cat dragged in, so you will be happy to hear that the washing instructions is quite easy. Wash with mild detergent, rinse with lukewarm water and allow to airdry; and soon he will be ready for his next adventure.

Please be advised that even though the Dog’s Life Toys are well stitched and carefully fashioned to bring many hours of joy to your pet, no toys are indestructible. Please be advised to have a look out for worn-out toys and remove them to secure your pup or pooch from harms way.


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