Playtime offers a special time to bond with your dog. The interaction between bouncing, energy filled dogs and owners full of smiles and laughter captures the picture of the human-pet bond. Dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend and friends deserve our time and attention to keep them entertained, enthused, active and healthy as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Shop our large range of dog toys designed specifically for your dog’s enjoyment and to help you as the owner get as much out of the playtime as your dog does, we even have a toy that will show you a huge toothy smile as your dog grins from ear to ear from all the fun and games.

For dogs that love a classic game of fetch, we have a wide range of balls, offering your dog various textures in the mouth, different bounce behaviour and different sizes to ensure you find the ball that is just right for both you and your dog.

Some dogs are less about the chase and more about the squeak and the feel of a soft,

chewy plush toy. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes presenting many interesting characters that will honk and squeal and keep your dog entertained for ages.

Our range of dog toys goes far beyond balls and soft squeaky toys. For dogs with extra strong jaws that require heavy duty toys that can withstand the rough and tough nature of your dog, look no further. Our range of specifically designed heavy duty toys will last the test of time no matter how strong your dog is, some of which even come with a lifetime guarantee.

For most dogs, life is only about two things, eating and playing. For those that love to mix the two and really get the best of both worlds, shop our range of treat dispensing dog toys, making playtime as tasty as can be.

We recommend that all playtime with toys and other chewing products be supervised at all times. Please remember that dog toys could present a choking hazard if your dog gets too excited and does not play with the toy as it was intended. Unattended toys can also cause fights. Most of all dog toys are interactive and give you a chance to keep your dog entertained and to create that special bonding time together, it helps your dog remember that his best times are when you are around and he will love you even more for it.

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