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Miniature pinscher

The miniature pinscher is an independent, proud and assertive dog, aptly nicknamed the ‘King of Toys’. He has a large personality for such a sprightly little dog, but he fills out his big chest and cute face with extreme confidence. The miniature pinscher is an excellent watchdog and has a ton of energy to burn, …

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The cute and affectionate little Maltese dog has beautifully silky fur and a wonderful temperament. He loves his people and easily adapts to his household – whether moderately active or more laid back. Traditionally the Maltese has a long, floor-length coat that can be quite high maintenance, but in the hot South African climate, most …

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French bulldog

There are few people in this world who would not fall for the gentlemanly pizzazz of the French bulldog. He is charming, funny, even-tempered and – best of all – has an impressive pair of bat ears that make him look like he’s paying you ALL his attention! The French bulldog is affectionate and friendly, …

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The Chihuahua is the little dog with the BEEG personality. He is confident, fearless and has quite the attitude – probably because he perceives himself as a giant in tiny overalls. The Chihuahua comes in two coats – short- and long-haired – and in a variety of different colours. When properly trained and socialised, Chihuahuas …

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Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The large gorgeous eyes of the beautifully soft cavalier King Charles spaniel are his biggest drawcard, but so too are his affectionate personality and his love for frolicking outdoors. What’s not to love? The small size of the cavalier, his relaxed nature and his need to always be in the company of his human/s, make …

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St. Bernard

Large, cuddly and with few exercise demands, the St Bernard is an ideal dog for the family who enjoys their leisure time at home. Being a giant breed, he does need a bit of space, but this is more to live comfortably inside and stretch out outside, than for a tremendous amount of exercise. He …

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Great Dane

Bred down from various lines of huge dogs, the Great Dane was once heralded for his hunting ferocity, but for the last 150 years he has been bred to be a gentle (and somewhat goofy) giant. Great Danes make fantastic pets, granted they have the space to romp outside and to lounge about and move …

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Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of four distinct Belgian shepherd dog breeds. The Malinois is strong, confident, very intelligent and incredibly hard working. Being very bonded with one owner, he is eager to please and, when properly and consistently trained, is an athletic star. The Malinois needs constant work and activity to keep him physically …

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Airedale terrier

True to his terrier nature, the Airedale terrier is full of energy, strong, confident and fearless. Originally bred to hunt otters and rodents, the ‘King of Terriers’ is the largest of the terrier breeds and has the spirit and independence to match this title. He is quite a dominant dog, but forms a close bond …

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Boston terrier

An excellent family dog and an easy contender for first-time dog owners, the Boston terrier is an attractive, well-mannered and affectionate little companion. He not only tolerates children, but is sturdy enough to engage in boisterous play with small children without hurting them or being hurt by them. Bostie owners just love their tuxedoed jesters …

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